Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Taken from the runway at good prices

Do you want to look stunning for a party? And you think but that is too expensive. This shows you that's not true.
In this post i show you a set done by me. I think the outfit is for some different occasions, like a party, a cocktail, a prom if you want to be a little edgy,etc.

I am writing from where's the clothes, but if you have an issue with the brand or shopping online you can look at stores near you something similar.

Taken from the runway at good prices
Dress: - $25.70
Leggings: - $17.00
Shoes: - $28.90
Bracelet: Jcpenny or - $24.00
Belt: Kmart or - $3.99
Lipstick: Ulta or - $5.99
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beuty Peace Day - April 13

I was reading seventeen magazine and there was an article of a beuty peace day. Is about that April 13, the only thing you have to do is don't wear makeup, and if you want to be more in this pact, there some rules you could do, they are:

  • That day when you aren't wearing makeup you can't say the word UGLY, to describe yourself.
  • Stop spending time in front of the mirror recognizing bad things in your body or face.
  • Be confident about yourself

DISCLAIMER: This isn't an obligation, is only if you want.

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My Fashion Icon

This post is about my fashion icon, that's Hilary duff, i love her style because is so chic, always in, and is really casual, neutral colors with a pop of color in this case the turquoise(this look is created by me), I love also the makeup in her face is so natural and chic, LOVE IT.

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My Fashion Icon - Contest
To get this look do a mix of some neutral colors, jeans and a little pop of color like in a necklace, bracelets, purses or like in this case in the nails and the scarf...

Friday, March 18, 2011

TIP: Transform a T-shirt to more formal

Well is really easy to do it, a really good technique is to change all around the outfit of typical t- shirt(  jeans and sneakers) if you have that t- shirt in your closet and when you see it you think i would like to wear it not so casual, so this is the post for you, here's an example:

Little Mermaid Tee
So lets imagine this is the t- shirt you want to use

Here i am showing you guys a tip how to wear a T- shirt, the set is done by me...
Here it is, enjoy:

Transform a T-shirt to more formal

I really love this outfit, is so chic and elegant/casual, hope it helps someone and hope everyone enjoy.

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Must have for summer!!!

Hi everyone, this is a little post with a set that i have done, with my must haves for summer, love the colors like type of navy and i would like to say a shout out for "Disney Jessie the cowgirl"(that's her account on because she has been so supporting with my blog, so THANKS!!!
Must have for summer, American Eagle Contest
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