Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas songs on my playlist!!! PART 1

Hi cuties. Today I am doing some of the basic songs I have in my christmas playlist. Christmas is my favorite season of the year, everyone that knows me knows that I am a christmas girl, I love to have family time, love the christmas decorations and just the spirit, I just love it!! Well, but I am just changing up the topic, here are the songs(I put the video of the songs for you guys to be easier):

1.- Jingle Bell Rock - Megan and Liz

2.- Last Christmas - Glee

3.- White Christmas - Taylor Swift

4.- All I want for Christmas is you- Olivia Olson

(Sorry if in the video the music sound bad, but there weren't other links)

5.- Santa Claus is coming to town- Miley Cyrus

So maybe I should do a part 2 because Glee is doing a christmas episode this year so when the songs come out I am doing part 2. What do you think?

Leave in the comments your favorite christmas songs, I would love to know!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to get this style: New Boy

New Vintage

Basics to get this style:
- Oxfords
- Blouse
- Vintage piece (hats, belt, etc...)

Hope you try this style!!

Set was created by me

REVIEW: Nicole by OPI - Nic's Sticks

Hi girls. This is my first review so I am really excited. Last week I went to a pharmacy and they were selling the Nic's Sticks by OPI, the were $8.00 so I just bought one to try it out, because I really liked the color.

This sticks have a brush, you press the bottom of the stick and the nail polish start going to the brush. I will start with the Pros.

PROS:  - They have a great top coat so you don't need to apply one.
- Fast drying, so you don't have to wait a lot.
- They last super long, they are like a normal full size OPI.
- Good for touch ups on the go.
- The color on the package is very true to the actual color.
- It was very reasonable at around $8. OPI tends to be a tad more expensive than your average polish.
- Great variety of colors.

CONS: - It has a horrible brush, you can apply the product well.
- Bad consistency, you have to apply more than 2 coats for the color to show off.
-  When you use it several times the brush gets sticky.
- You have to pump a lot of nail polish, so like that the product doesn't last really long.

¿Would I buy it again?
Definitly no, I thing this is really convenient for OPI, but I think it could be better. I think I was a little dissapointed at first because I expected more from OPI. I think that the brush ruins it everything. But I think the colors are great.

Hope you enjoy this review, and find it helpful!
Leave below in the comments if you have tryed them and what you think!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winter Beauty Tips - Keep your nails strong for the winter!

Hi fashionistas.
Cold temperatures bring snowball fights, hot chocolate—and, quite often, craggy nails and cuticles. Since winter is dry, winter is the enemie to your skin and specially your nails!! Today I bring you some tips for your nails!
Keep your nails strong for the cold winter!!
1.- Dried-out nails are more likely to break, split, and chip, that's why more of the most important tips is to drink a lot of water.

2.- Use a hand cream, throw it on your purse and you will be ready for winter. Also apply the hand cream after you wash your hands.

3.- Washing the dishes is the worst activity for your nails, so is time to buy some rubber gloves.

4.- Put a bit of cuticle oil before going to bed this is going to help your nails a lot.

5.- Also mittens is one way to shield your nails from the winter, it keeps your hands warm and it protect your nails from chipping.

Hope you enjoy the post and the easy tips to help your nails!!

Take care...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Favorite shoes of the month (October)

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts, I have been really busy with exams and some projects that I am working on!! I have a lot of cool posts coming soon.

Today I doing a favorite shoes of the month, these posts have been some of the most viewed on my blog. In this post I tried to choose fall shoes, also I tried to add makeup. Nothing more to talk so here it is the post!!
Favorite shoes of the month

1.- Koolaburra Veleta Wedge Heel Fringe Boot in Chestnut
Fall outfit

2.- Tory Burch black ballet flats
Tory Burch
3.- White Leather Pumps
Red Carpet
4.- Steve Madden 'Thronne' Bootie

Laid back day

So those are the shoes and the outfits, hope you enjoy and have an amazing week. Please leave in the comments below which is your favorite outfit and leave your requests.

I love reading your comments and mails so please send and tell me what you think to kmk.lvmk@hotmail.com