Thursday, June 30, 2011

Video of the day!! Long Lasting, Bronzed Summer Makeup

Hi guys, this is the video that I choose for the day. This video I choose it beacause like 2 days ago, I discover like one of my favourite beauty gurus, called Allison and her channel is MakeupByAlli and she is so sweet and have really good sense of humor, and I think she does her makeup but really well, and another thing I love about her videos is that she use products that are not only M.A.C or a really expensive brand, she use every type of brands.

Well the video that I loved was one bronzed summer makeup, so this is a really good video, beacause is really difficult to really have a long lasting makeup for summer. So here's the video, enjoy!!!

So hope you enjoy, and I would love that you leave your name channel and I would love to check it out!!!

More information about Allison:

The link to this video:
Alli's twitter:
Alli's Blog:


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Video of the day!!! How to: Make feather earrings

Well as you know in a post that I said that I need your help, there was an idea of showing you videos from beauty gurus on youtube that I have saw, and that I think you should watch it too.

So you can be the next one to be recommended in one video, only leave in the comments the name of your channel and I quickly as possible I would go to watch your videos.

So let's go to the point, show you the video!!!

This video is from Bethany's Channel (Macbarbie07), as you know I love watching her videos, she is really honest and really a good person. This is a video she have done about how to do feather earrings. Feather earrings are really cute, they are really in the most used summer trends, so hope you enjoy!!!

So please if you try doing your own really feather earrings, I would love to see them. Sent me a mail to with the picture of your feather earrings, and remember, if you are a beauty guru in you tube leave the name of your channel so I could check it out!!! Please can someone make Bethany know about this post, I would be so happy, Thanks!!

Other information:

Link to this video:
Bethany's twitter:
Bethany's facebook page:
Bethany vlog channel:


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Need you help!!

Hi guys, I just wanted you guys to help me in some little stuff to make my blog better!!!

  1.  First I wanted to know guys if you are interested of doing like "the video of the day", that means that in all beauty gurus out there in, I choose one a day to recommend everyone and post my favourite video that she has done, you could have the chance. So leave in the comments if you are a beauty guru and whats your "youtube name".  PD: I had this idea beacause I love whathing beauty and fashion videos on youtube so I wanted to recommend you some videos, so you could check them out!!
  2. The other idea that I had is creating a twitter of my blog and me were I can update you evrything that I'm doing or if a post is coming, etc..
  3. The other thing I wanted to know wich type of post you would like, please I really need to know!!

So that's it, please HELP ME, I really want to post more, and really a lot more, so for that please I need your help!!!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Cute Pictures to Share!!!

Hi guys, I wanted to do this post for such a long time, and now I'm doing it. Well the other day I saw really cute and inspiring pictures, that I'm using them in my future posts, but the point is I wanted to share this cute pictures. Hope you get inspired like me.

PD: Please leave requests or something you would like to share with me in the comments, if you can't comment feel free to send it to my mail:


Hope you like it and enjoy it, if you have more cute pictures, please leave the link in the comments!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hi everybody, as you know I went on holidays to NYC, Boston, Washington, Orlando and Miami. But the point is now I am back into my daily normal rutine.
Another thing was that I did that thing that everyone who visit my blog can vote on a topic, and they have to choose, the question was: ¿What type of posts do you prefer? , and the options were:
  1. Makeup
  2. Hair
  3. Fashion
  4. Lifestyle
And the most voted was lifestyle, so that means I'm writing more about my life. The second one was fashion, that I have done a lot!!!

PD: You can continue voting!!

So that was an update I wanted to post about it so, thanks to everyone that supports  me!!

If you want the link to my post of my holiday, here's the link:


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maxi dresses

Hi guys, I feel that everytime I say "Hi guys", well but let's get to the point of this point.
I only wanted to show you an outfit I put toghether featuring maxi dresses!!

Hope you enjoy this little post!! Have a nice day, night and afternoon!! :p
Maxi dresses

Monday, June 20, 2011

Color Blocking

Hi guys, this is a little post featuring "color blocking, one of the trends that are  invading everywhere. So this is an inspirational set to give you an idea!!

PD: Please leave in the comment requests!!! Have a good day!
Color Blocking
Yellow striped t-shirt
$7.99 -

Tank Top
$8.00 -

BDG Twill Cigarette High-Rise Pant
$49 -

Yellow stripe peeptoe pumps
$18 -

Orange Plain Jersey Snood
$32 -

Illamasqua S/S 11 Nature Collection Nail Polish
$23 -

How to: Get Lucy hale, Seventeen magazine photoshoot!!

Hi guys, as you can see I love Aria from Pretty Little Liars, and is played by Lucy Hale. I bought the June issue from seventeen, and she was in the cover!!!
So I loved, but really LOVED her style in the photo shoot so I wanted to dedicate a post to give you the basic tips of this picture, a little disclaimer I am not saying everything that is shown, only the little differences that make this look!!

Lucy Hale, Basic Styel
Grey Embroidered Mexican Print Crop Vest
$45 -

Bead And Locket Necklace
$5 -

Icon Eyewear 'Maureen' Sunglasses
$10 -

Lips In Ohh La La
$16 -

Essie Turquoise & Caicos
$8 -

Maybelline Volum' Express One by One Mascara
$6.49 -

And any 1" curling iron you have

Cheap and Cute: Summer fashion under $50!!

I have been noticed that bathing suits have been really expensive lately, and like in some citys is coming summer, so everyone is looking for the best one!!

So this post I dedicate to give you tips of bathing suits and CHEAP!! But obviusly good quality!!
PD: Sorry, I wanted to continue giving more tips but it didn't let me write more beacause it said that I pass the limit. But I am with all the energy of writing posts, but I an getting used to writing with the tools of blogspot!!

TOP: $10.80
BOTTOM: $9.80
Victoria's Secret

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip pictures!!

Hi guys, a lot of you wanted to see some pictures of where I go, what I saw, etc. So hope you enjoy this pictures, and if you have any question post it on the comments or send it to my mail:

So let's start...

The first day we went to Washington DC, my first impression that I had that everything was so clean and organized.

So the all the other 5 days we were in New York!!! So cool, is so unreal, you see really a lot of people dressing really good, I was looking everywere. And you feel like in the movies or series that you see.
This is a picture from a night tour on those 2 level buses, I was really scared when we went on a bridge beacause the bus was really tall!
This is a picture of times square, one of my fav parts of NYC.
I took this picture from the Empire State Building, AMAZING!
The statue of the liberty is so big when you see it, is really shoking!
Central Park, the most beautiful park I had ever seen!
Typical streets of NYC, really cute.
This is a picture from the museum where they record the first movie of "A night at the museum".

Then we went for one night to Boston. I love Boston is really pretty, and really relaxing, in resume really CUTE. There's a park that I don't remember how is called but I love it, and another thing is that in boston the people is so friendly.

This is what I order at sturbucks, mmmm and I drink it in Harvard Square, which is really pretty.

We went to Harvard University.

Then it was time of Orlando, like I have been already to Orlando, I already knew it more than the other places. But I love Orlando, even if I have been more times; I would go again million times. Here are some pictures:

This is a picture of the resort I was staying in, so cool and beachy!!

And if you're wondering what I would take to the pool, here are some things I was enjoying...

  • FIJI Water
  • Pretty little liars book
  • Cheeze it snack pack (I didn't know they existed but althought they were from my brothers)
  • Peanuts to share with everyone (They doesn't have salt, I recommend them 100%)

So most of the days we went to parks, and I went on 2010 to Orlando, and one of my favourite parks are the ones from universal, but the point is that when I went on 2010 "The wizarding world of Harry Potter", wasn't open yet; so this year I get the chance to go. (Sorry I don't have pictures of the parks and water parks beacause the pictures that I'm showing you I took the with my iPhone, the ones with the camera, I haven't download them yet, so sorry. But if you're interested on watching that pictures I can download the fastest I can and show them to you, so leave in the comments if you would like).

Another thing, when we were on Orlando, one of my cousins was his 13# birthday so we went to "The mall at the Milenia"(that's the name) to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant( my favourite restaurant from all times). And here are some pictures:

This was the little cake that the restaurant gave and sing to my cousin, so cute!!
(effects by an application from iPhone called "Instagram", really cool")

Love this picture, I took the candles from the ice-cream when my cousin already had blown the candles, also the effects by "Intagram".

Here are some stores that where at the mall:

Forever 21
Urban Outfitters

Then we went to miami, but I don't really have so much pictures. Hope you enjoy and I am so exciting of start writing again.

PD: Wait for some cool posts!! Please comment what you think!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hilary Duff- Inspired outfit!!

Hi guys, I'M BACK.
I missed you all and all I think is I have to post and I have a long list with a lot of ideas for posts. A thing that I would like to know is if you want pictures from were I went, etc. Leave in the comments below your opinion. So in resume I get yesterday from my trip, so all I want is to post in my blog.

Well, the point of this blog is to show you a cute simple outfit that I wanted to share with you, I get inspired from this picture of Hilary Duff, Iink she looks so cute beacause her makeup is so natural and simple so I wanted to match it with something really simple and natural. This outfit remind me of ballet teachers, I don't know why!!

PD: I'm not putting the stores from where the clothes are, beacause they are really expensive stuff so is only the idea.

Hilary Duff inspired outfit
1.- Nude simple blouse.
2.- Black leggings.
3.- Flats (the one in the pictures are from topshop, they are $36)
4.- Some cute earrings.
So hope you enjoy this little post, and wait for new exciting posts. Please remember leave on the comments what you think, requests,etc.