Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Favorites • 2013

 Hi guys!! Today I'm showing you my June favorites!! I hope you guys enjoy!! So just lay back and read!

Maybelline Baby Lips// in Grape Vine
This is my favorite baby lips, the color payoff that leaves is really pretty. It's like a shiny berry color! I have a full review of the baby lips here.

L'oréal Nude Magique BB Concealer
I was helping my mom choosing a new concealer, and she said I could choose one for myself, so I choose this one, I have never heard anything about it, so I just decided to try it. Turns out that  I love it, I apply it on my dark circles and it covers everything, it really like and I love the application, it'slike a rollerball. If you want me to review it just comment below!

Bodycology body cream// in Toasted Vanilla Sugar
This came in a value set. It supposed to be a body cream but I started using it as a hand cream and this literally is the best hand cream I have ever tried!!

L'occitane Angelica Hydration Cream
So while I was in my trip my mom noticed that I was using a really bad face moisturizing and she wanted me to use a good one, surprise, surprise, she gave me this face cream. I was just shocked, I had never tried anything L'occitane because they are expensive! The point is that I tried it and I fell in love, it's so light and it's organic, it really makes my face look glowy and awesome! I love it!

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Lip Balm
This  lip balm is amazing! It smells AMAZING! I apply it before going to sleep, and I just want to eat it!

Slatkin & Co. Candle// in Pineapple Orchid
This candle have lasted me a lot!! It's smells really good and it just fills my whole room with a good smell!!

Knuckle rings
I have been loving knuckle rings! These are the two I have, the silver one is from Urban Outfitters and the gold one is from a random store in New York!

Favorite movies:

The Holiday

The other day my mom and I watched this movie, so we watched it and we both loved it! It's just amazing and we both cried!! A definite favorite of mine!

Made of Honor

My dad watched this movie, yes, my dad, and he thought I would like it, so I'm sick, yeah, it sucks, the good thing is that I have time to watch movies and I watched this one, and it's so cute!!

 Now You See Me

I went to the cinema the other day with a friend and we wanted to see Safe Heaven, the thing is, we didn't get in time, so we decided to see this movie, and I really wasn't expecting anything good. I LOVEEEED IT. So many good actors (yes, I'm referring to Dave Franco)!

Favorite song of the month:

What were your favorites of June?

Friday, June 28, 2013

How to follow me? • Google reader going away!

Picture from here
Hi guys! I am going to leave this post sweet and short! Some of you may know that if you follow blogs using Google Reader (or follow blogs at all), I'm sure you've heard that Google Reader is going away, and soon!!  Like this Monday! This means that if you receive updates from my blog and the rest of the blogs you follow via Google Reader or if you have subscribed to blogs via GFC (Google Friend Connect), you will no longer be subscribed to those blogs unless you do something by another via!

You just have to do it before Monday. After Monday, all the hard work you put into finding just the perfect blogs for you will be gone. 

Something that I recommend is Bloglovin! I personally use it to follow the blogs that I like, and it's amazing, you can organize by categories and it's really easy to find the blogs that you like and to follow them! It has a very simple layout, a clean look, and a great search feature that allows you to find blogs like the ones you already follow. It to has ways to categorize your blogs and is a lot faster than the old Google Reader. 

So if you want another way to follow blogs (and me ! ) I recommend Bloglovin! I have a button in the side bar if you want to follow me on there!

But in case here's another one:

Follow on Bloglovin


April/May Favorites • 2013

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are having an awesome friday! Today I'm showing you my April/May favorites! I know I'm really late, but I was really busy! Enjoy!!

Nivea Soft Cream
As I told you guys on my last post, I went on vacations with my family! And I got a really bad sunburnt on my back, so every night I applied this, and it really help soothing and refreshing my back! It's light and has a good smell!

Essie nail polish// in "Fun in the Gondola"
I bought this recently, and I love it! It is a cool toned mauved pink, perfect for everyday wear!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush// in "Hot Tamale"
Maybelline dream bouncy blushes, ugh, a really controversial product in the beauty world! It's a bit tricky to apply, at first I used to apply it with my fingers and I hated it, but then I try with a flat blush brush and it worked like wonders!

EOS lip balm// in"Balm Summer Fruit Smooth Sphere"
I like EOS lip balms! At first I didn't like them because I felt that they didn't hydrate my ups! But after using them constantly I started to love it! I think the trick is that you have to just "break them in" just as new shoes!

Rose bud lip salve
I know, I know, I've already talk about this on a monthly favorites!! But this month I found other uses for this product! I was reading some beauty articles and they said that this was great as a highlighter and as a brow gel, so I tried it and they were right! Even if it sound weird it works amazing! So overall I freakin love this product!

Calvin Klein Aviator Sunglasses
I love this sunglasses, I can't stop wearing them! I got them at an outlet, at a really good price! They match everything!

Favorite Food Favorites: bagels and cream cheese! 

Favorite TV shows and movies:

Oblivion Movie

I watched this movie on April and I loved it! It was really good! Tom Cruise acted really good! In general, a great sci-fi movie!

The Host

I watched this movie with some friends and I really liked it! I wished I read the book before watching the movie but I couldn't resist! I'm not really sure if I'm reading the book because I hate knowing what happens! Great actors! Two hotties! Overall a great movie!

Iron Man 3

My family is a big Iron Man fan, so we went and watched and I think it was the best so far!! If you haven't watched any Iron Man movie, please watch it!!


I finished the season, and I was so saaaad!! I would really like that they do another season!! Please MTV!!

Favorite song of the month:

Favorite City: Chicago (some pics that I took)

♡ Hope you guys enjoy!!! ♡

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Pool/Beach Essentials • Summer 2013

Hi guys!!!!!! 
I'm back!! The past months have been crazy; I was so busy with school, then I went on family vacations and now I'm catching up with school work! 

One of the places I went was tropical! Beach, pool, sand, etc! While I was there I thought why not show you guys what I really bring? 

1) A book: I always bring a book with me, one of my favorite things to do is to read. My current reading material (so fancy) is "Pandemonium" Lauren Oliver's second book in the "Delirium" trilogy (one of my favs).

2) Moroccan Argan Oil by Organix: I usually put a pea size amount on my hair before going to the beach/pool, I think is a way to give my hair some shine!

3) Sunglasses: This are my new sunglasses. I have been looking for the perfect sunglasses, and I finally found them. I wanted some aviator, I found this on sale by Calvin Klein, they are just perfect!

4) Nivea Soft body lotion: This is a must for me! I am pale so I get sunburnt, A LOT! I like to moisturize, so I like to use it to refresh the parts that I got sunburnt!

5) Face sunblock: I freakin love the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer spf 50. It doesn't break me out, it feels light, it's not oily, it's just AMAZING!

6) Hair band: when it gets really hot or when I go into the pool and I don't want to get my hair wet!

7) Body Sunblock (not shown in the picture): I always carry a spray one, I think is easier! My favorite one is the Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray spf 70.

Hope you guys enjoy this post and have a great day!!