Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tips for rooms and college rooms!!!

Hi everyone, today I really wanted to write about tips for rooms!!! As I finished redecorating my room I really wanted to give some tips to get organize and get your room decorated. So lets start...

Storage under your bed

I think this is really helpful if your room is small, this helpps you get more organized and get more space, specialley in college!!! Get at really good deals at: Target, Walmart, etc.

Charming Chalkboard

Get a cute chalkboard in your room for writing notes, leaving messages, and scribbling reminders. The best part about this one: it sticks to the wall and pulls right off, so you won’t have to try and hang anything heavy on an impossible dorm wall. You can get this one at JCPenney only for $16,99.

Table Talk
A lap desk is perfect for tiny spaces like your dorm room or a small room. Use it to study on your bed or as a coffee table when friends visit, and also you can fold it up for easy storage. You can even personalize it with your monogram, like your name or anything you want to write. You can get it at Pbteen.

Cover to Cover
Put all of your mags in these fun files—they’ll give your desk an awesome, wake-up-up jolt of color! You can get this at

If the Shoe Fits

Hanging Closet Organizer

Next time you need more space for clothes, keep them all organized in your closet (without taking up valuable floor space). Also if you really love shoes and you are going to college this is  the perfect organizer for all of your shoes!! You can get them at Bed and Bath Beyond, Pbteen.

Let the light come in

Fun lighting will add instant personality to any room. Turn this hanging lamp on, and it will even project decorative patterns all over the walls for some extra style! You can get it at

Cute Cube

I think this is a lifesaver, these cubes are awesome because you can hide your mess before friends come over—and give them a place to sit! You can get this at, Pbteen, Walmart, target, etc.

Sweet Dreams with some style

Sweet dreams is what you get with this cute Teen Vogue Bedding collection, also it adds a touch of style and fashion to your room. You can only find it at: JCpenny

Hope this tips help you and leave your tips for room organization below in the comments!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nail of the day: Get the glitter!!

Hy guys, this is my first nail of the day, and I'm really excited, I try something new. Recently I wanted to try some polishes from the Katy Perry Collection from O.P.I, so I bought "Last friday night" and "Teenage dream".

Here's a picture of "Last friday night"...

And here's "Teenage Dream"...

Well the ponit was that normally I don't use a lot of Glittery polishes, but these are really good, and well trying the polishes this month I decided that my favourite from this two is "Last friday night", BUT, there's always a "but", if you want more of a solid color I recommend using a similar color before applying the glittery one. But I wear them alone.

But leading to the main topic I tried mixing them, so I started first puting the 2 "Last friday night", then 1 "Teenage dream", and this is the result:

Sorry this was the only picture that the color of the nail is show with a good light, as you can tell the color is like a light only glittery purple.

*If you remember this was a picture that I think I show on my blog post about my trip to New York, Boston and Orlando, you can check it out here:

Hope this helped someone, and leave in the comments what you think about glittery polishes, and some of reccomendations you have, I would love to read your comment!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Favourite shoes of the month!!! (JUNE)

Hi guys, today I'm doing a post inspired on a post done by the blog "MeetMakeup", I really love and appreciate the imagination of her post.

The point of the post was show 4 shoes that you have been loving this month (not necessarily shoes you already own). So these shoes have been in my eye for so much time.
Favourite shoes of the month!!! (JUNE)

1.- Sandals Women from, these shoes were my obsessions since I saw a chapter on mtv of "Plaine Jane", were Louise Roe was wearing this type of shoe, and I really fell in love with the shoes. I would wear them with this:

Day and Night
2.- Alexander Mcqueen College Baseball Booties, theses are my obsession, they are so cute, love the edgy, rocker vibe that they have. I would wear them with this outfit:
Buisness Day

3.- Christian Louboutin Kasha, I love the cage they have and also the studs (and that's not a new thing, I have been loving studs), but the thing is also they are so cute. I would wear it with this:


4.- Jil Sander Peep Toe Booties are so chic and I am in love with them. I love that they are like booties but for summer or spring. I would wear it with this:

Chic picnic

So hope all of you enjoy, and I would be so happy if you do your own post showing your top 4 shoes of the month, please leave the link on the comment!!!

Leave your requests for the blog...
And please check out Erica's blog (Meet Makeup)


Friday, July 8, 2011

Video of the day: How to make your own eyeshadow primer!!

Eyeshadow primers are a necessity, but they can also be quite costly. So in this video Ingrid(MissGlamorazi)  be showing you how to make your very own primer using products you probably already have laying around the house. It's quick, easy, and very comparable to higher end brands!

Hope this helped!!!

Ingrid Information:

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• Link to this video:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's in my Beach bag!!

With summer going on you might be going out to the beach, a lake or even a swimming pool. No matter where you’re going this summer, be smart and pack your bag with the right stuff. I was inspired to do this post after watching a lot of videos on youtube. Below (and pictured above) is a list of my beach bag essentials and some suggestions on what you should stock up on for your summer bag too...

(In this post I am also showing the video of he day)
What's in my Beach bag!!

Items listed from left to right. Here is the first row:

Here is the second row (again, listed from left to right):

  • Pink Lady Apple: Love taking to the beach a fresh juuicy fruit, when you are hungrry it your favourite fruit and it helps to stay eating healthy.
  • Large Comb: I highly recommend packing a comb to brush through wet hair to avoid an unmanageable mess later in the day. After I go swimming, I usually run a comb through a few times.
  • Evian Facial Water Spray No Color 10 oz: Since temperatures flare during the summer, stay cool with a nice misting spray like this one by Evian. If you feel hot, just give your face a quick mist! Plus, it will help prevent dryness and keep the outer layer of your skin quenched.
  • Navy Blue Bobble® Water Bottle: Stay hydrated with a cute reusable water bottle like this Water Bobble. It’s super cute, eco friendly and lightweight!
  • Nivea a Kiss of Protection SPF 30 Lip Care, 0.17-Ounce Sticks (...: Nothing is worse than sporting some seriously chapped lips! I like to apply a chap stick with SPF before I’m out in the sun to protect my lips from getting burnt and chapped.

Here is the video of the day, so I wanted to do it realated with the post so here it is:

So as you know one of my favourite beauty gurus is macbarbie07 (Bethany), so I choose on of her videos!!
    Hope you enjoy, leave in the comments which are you beach bag essentials!!

    A day at the beach!!!

    Hi guys, on Sunday I went to the beach, but the weird thing is that where I live is WINTER!!! Yes, WINTER!!!. You are going to think that I post everytime about summer, but that's beacause I really want to give tips for the summer. But the point of this blog I am showing you some pictures I took and the on a separate post I am showing you what are my beach bag essentials!!!

    Hope you enjoy the pictures...

    Here's a picture of the sunset!!
    The colors on the sand are so pretty!!
    Yay!!!! Please follow me. It would mean a lot to me.
    You would be surprise but all the pictures, were taken by my iPhone 4, soif you have an iPhone 4 it really works as a camera!! (All the pictures from my post of my trip to New York were taken with my iPhone 4)


    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Video of the day!!! Camera & Lighting, Set up for Youtube!!

    Hi guys, I try to do this post everyday, but I have been a little bit busy, but this is the video from today.

    The video that I'm showing you guys today is really helpful for the girls, that have their youtube channels and they aren't sure how to sset their lighting, and also after I saw this video and I thought: "In all the videos that I watch, behind their is really a lot of work!!"

    So this video is by Fleur from Fleurdeforce, she is a british girl, that she is so kind, and funny and really like a "good vibration girl", you know. So hope you enjoy!!!!

    So hope this help someone.

    PD: In all this videos of the day I try showing different beauty gurus!!! Please leave the name of your channel in the comments, and I will go and check it out inmediatly!!