Sunday, March 31, 2013

♡ Saturday Favorites ♡

Hi guys, today I am doing again as always my saturday favorites! Here they are:

Favorite Picture

Favorite wedding pic

Favorite product

Favorite Relatable pic

Favorite Quote

Hope you guys enjoy! What were your favorites from the past week?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beauty Things I SUCK At

Hi everyone! I have seen this tag floating around youtube, created by Kim (Rubenesquex3)! I decided to do it because I think is such an original idea, so I decided to bring it into the blogger world!

Here are the beauty things I SUCK at:

1.- Painting my right hand with my left hand!
I am such a pro when it comes to paint my left hand, but when  it comes to painting my right hand is such a mess! You know that tip of putting nail polish remover on a cue tip to clean the edges of your nails? Well, that doesn't work at all for me at all, because I paint my whole freakin finger with nail polish!

2.- Any type upper lid eyeliner on myself!
I don't have a problem doing the upper eyeliner on other people, even winged! But when I do it on my self I end up with all my lid cover in black eyeliner; I know practice makes perfect but in this case I think I'm done!

3.- Sock Buns!
I can do a messy bun, a quick bun, BUT, the sock bun is not my forte! I even have one of those sock thingies to do it, and it really doesn't work; it ends up like a mess with a ton of knots!

4.- Colorful eyeshadow looks!
I am really bad at going out of my comfort zone of neutrals color! The only color I have worn was the typical pop of color in the lower lash line; nothing else!

5.- Cleaning my brushes
I am so lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes! I know you are supposed to wash them once a week but I wash them like once a month (hehe)!

That's pretty much I can think of! I don't use self tanner or any type of tanning so I really don't have a problem with that!

What are the beauty things you SUCK at?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

♡ Saturday Favorites ♡

So hi everyone! How was your week? Mine was interesting, haha, new experiences, good ones! A great way to start this year. Well, let's stop talking about me and start with my favorites from the past week!

Favorite Wedding Dress

Favorite Relatable Picture

Favorite Interview (this can't get any better)

Favorite Photography

Favorite Room Decor

What were your favorites from the past week?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Lip Scrub {straight from the kitchen}

Hi guys, today I am really excited because I did a new video! YAY!

I did a DIY Lip Scrub which has a lot of benefits for your lips!

You want to have vogue lips, no creases when you wear lipsticks! Many brands are coming with their spring collections with bright colors and for that you will need to exfoliate your lips!

But luckily, we can all head over to our kitchens or grocery stores and tackle it head on.  Here is a perfect really easy solution for chapped lips:

How to use it?

Coat your lips with the lip scrub. Leave it on for a few minutes then start gently scrubbing with your finger until all the dead skin goes. Then immediately apply a lip conditioner or lip balm to moisturizing them after exfoliation!

Other tips...

- I recommend keeping these lip scrub in the refrigerator because we are using natural ingredients, so you want to keep it in a cool place away from the sunlight!

- This scrub also works for cuticles or dry patches on your hands!

Now you can pull of perfectly that bright lipstick! Hope you guys enjoy! I f you try it you can send a picture to my twitter (!/LifeLoverBlog) or to my mail (

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

♡ Saturday Favorites ♡

Hi guys! Today I am doing a Saturday Favorites! I am really sorry for skipping the last saturday. I was in a family vacation so I had no time for posting in my blog! So let's just hop right in to the favorites!

Favorite Experience (The Color Run)

Favorite Relatable Quote

Favorite Runway Shoe (Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013)

Favorite Quote

Favorite Romantic Picture