Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trend Obsessions: Ombré!

Hi guys, today I'm bringing you a new series for my blog, called "Trend obsessions". Today I am featuring something that I think you have already heard... OMBRÉ! It's supposed to be like a color graduating or fading to another one!

I'm just loving everything ombré from hair to clothes! Here are some pics to get inspired from:





Are you into ombré? I just love it! It's like so artsy, colorful, original and just perfect from summer!!

Hope  you guys are doing well and enjoy life!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Favorite pieces of the month - May

Hi blogger world.

Today I am doing a new series on my blog which will be replacing "Favorite shoes of the month", hope you all enjoy this new series!

Fav pieces of the month

1. WRAP BRACELETS: I love the look of "arm party" and this type of bracelets really help to get that look! I did last year a post of how to do one:


2. CORAL NAIL POLISH: This is a huge trend right now. I think it adds a little touch into the outfit and it look super pretty!!


3. OMBRE SHORTS: I love the look!!!! It is so freaking cute!! And the great thing is that you can do it yourself!!

ombre shorts

Here are some videos that I found helpful for doing this shorts!

4. REBECCA MINKOFF MINI MAC: I have been loving these mini mac bags. I don't have one but I loveeee them!! They are great for adding a pop of color because they are in so many colors; neutrals and colors!

Casual day

5. SLEEVELESS BLOUSE: I love the casua/elegant look you can give to this type of blouse!! They are so cute!

color !!

Hope you guys like this new series!! Have a great day!!!!!

XO - Kari

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