Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY: Leather Bracelet

Hi guys, so I have been waiting to do this post for a long time! I am really exited. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my bracelet and I have been obsessed with DIY  ideas, so today I am showing you how to make it! Let's start with the tutorial!

You will need:
  • leather cords (try picking a neutral color)
  • Fake Diamond chain (mine is an embellishment from a top that my mom did't want)
  • Cotton cord (pick any color you want)
  • Brass hex nut (PS: you will only need one)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Nail Top coat 

1.- Double your leather cord and tie a knot. Leave a small piece like I did for closing my bracelet.

2.- With the cotton cord start wrapping it around the leather cord, just 1/2 of an inch.

3.- Place your fake diamond chain and start wrapping the cotton cord around it. Normally this chains have some space between the diamonds.

You are going to start having something like this.

4.- Continue wrapping it around.

5.- Wrap the cotton cord around the end as we did at the start.

You will have something like this.

6.- Tie a knot, then add the nut and then tie it again.
7.- Put top coat on the knots and on the nut. This will help the cords to stay on the place.

At the ends you will have something like this!

This is the finish product:

Random info... In case you are curious:

On my nails: OPI What's the cattitude.

Leave on the comments if your are doing this DIY!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi lovelies, today I am doing a post of a DIY halloween costume. Many of you want to do your costume easy but at the same time fun and cute, so in some future posts I will be doing a lot of these!! But only if you want, leave in the comments if you want more of these!!

So for halloween I am being Minnie Mouse, so here's a really easy DIY costume!

1.- Wear something red, I recommend a dress, found really cheap ones at forever 21!

2.- This step has 2 options, you can wear flats or pumps, be sure that they have to be black.

3.- Transform your legs by using black tighsts to represent the black legs that Minnie has.

4.- Buy a bow, or you can do your own, or another really cute and creative option is doing the "Lady Gaga Bow hair", this would represents Minnie's bow. Here's a video of "bebexo" doing a tutorial on how to do it for short and long hair:


1.- Do your everyday foundation routine.

2.- Apply an eye primer on your lid with your ring finger, this will helps the eye shadow stay longer.

3.- With a red glitter eyeliner draw a line on your lid, I didn't have those do i do it with a NYX Jumbo eye pencil and then put red glitter eyeshadow above

4.- Put white eyeshadow below the eyebrow and blend it.

5.- Curl your lashes.

6.- Put black eyeliner not in all your waterline, only on the outer waterline.

7.- Apply some false lashes, but if you don't have just put a lot of mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

8.- Apply blush.

9.- Use a red lipstick, and the as an optional step use a pinky lip gloss!

And that would be your DIY Minnie halloween tutorial!

PS: Remember to leave in the comments if you would like more of posts like this!
PS 2: You are all beautiful!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NOTD: Polka dots!

Hi lovelies, so today I painted my toe nails and I just wanted to show you guys how I do it, it's pretty simple and it gives a fun touch to your nails!

This is the finish product:

So the things you are going to need:

A top coat and a nail strenghther, the ones I am using are: as a top coat I'm using a "Seche Vite" top coat, for me this is the best top coat ever and it dry really fast, and for the nail strengther I am using "O.P.I Nail Strengther".

The next thing you will need is a bobby pin, I recommend the round point ones beacause they do more precise dots, in the picture I have an  example.

 Then you just need the colors you are using, in my case for the base color I'm using a blue color from O.P.I called "Suzi says feng shui" (this was from the Hong Kong collection I recommend buying it at Amazon, beacause it is limited edition, I bought mine at Amazon!) for some dots I am using a grey- ish color from O.P.I called "Moon over Mumbai", I bought it at Ulta and for the last color that I also use for some dots is a lila color from O.P.I called "Rumple's wiggin" (This is from the shrek collection, this as well I reccomend buying it at Amazon).

So let's start:

1.- Start applying the nail strengther in all of your nails, this is to protect your nails.

2.- Apply the base color you are using, in my case I'm using "Suzi says feng shui", for the color I got I apply 2 coats. Let it dry!

3.- When the base color is done take your bobby pin and put on a paper a little dot with the other colors, put a little bit on the bobby pin and start dotting it on your nails!

4.- Apply a top coat to all of your nail. And your polka dot nails are done, is that easy!!

If you try this nail tutorial please send me a picture of your nail to my twitter (@LifeLoverBlog) or to y email( Hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I wear pink for ...

Hi lovelies, sorry for being out for such a long time. I have been so busy with school, but now I am ready with ton of new blog posts, BUT, before I really want to talk about this really important topic. Many of you may know this, this month (October) it is the Breast Cancer Awarness. Polyvore is having a contest  where you have to create a set telling who or what you're wearing pink for. Polyvore is supporting the cause by donating to Stand Up To Cancer on your behalf! Isn't that amazing!! So know it's your turn, got to the polyvore contests page and create your set, I am showing you the set I create and also showing you my favourites. I would love if you can leave the link to the one you did!!

Set I have create:
I wear pink for women

I wear pink for women by whatareyouthinking-kari on

Sets I like people have create:

The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart

I wear pink for.....

So hope you enjoy this little post and remember, tell me in the comments and completes this: "I wear pink for..."