Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Taken from the runway at good prices

Do you want to look stunning for a party? And you think but that is too expensive. This shows you that's not true.
In this post i show you a set done by me. I think the outfit is for some different occasions, like a party, a cocktail, a prom if you want to be a little edgy,etc.

I am writing from where's the clothes, but if you have an issue with the brand or shopping online you can look at stores near you something similar.

Taken from the runway at good prices
Dress: - $25.70
Leggings: - $17.00
Shoes: - $28.90
Bracelet: Jcpenny or - $24.00
Belt: Kmart or - $3.99
Lipstick: Ulta or - $5.99
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