Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Favourite shoes of the month (September)!!

Hi guys,
So today I am doing a post that i just love, and also are my most viewed posts, they are the "Favourite shoes of the month", is to show a set with my favorites shoes of the month and then show how I would wear them!!! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!

The good thing about this is also that in 3 of the outfits I am incorporating fall trends, so this could be grat ideas for outfits!! I am posting the link of the fall trends post I did recently!

My old "Favourite shoes of the month" posts:


My "2011 Fall trends" posts:

So let's start...
Favourite shoes of the month (September)

1.- Sam Edelman Black Renzo Studded Suede Ankle Boot
Casual in mustard

2.- Steve Madden 'Annie' wedge bootie

A day in fall...

3.- Steve Madden 'Marryy' wedge
A spring outfit...

4.- Jimmy Choo Kerfield suede

Fall outfit

So hope you guys enjoy and levave inthe comments which was your favourite outfit and why!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A set

Hi guys, I just want to share this set I did for my blog...

My blog

Comment if you like, please!!

It's just for fun #2

Hi guys, in this post I 'm just showing you a set that I did bored, I did one in August, if you want to see it I am going to put the link below. But here's the set.

It's just for fun post:
Another cute set

So hope you like it, if you want to see more sets I have done check out my polyvore page, the link is in the info bar on the right!

You have to check it out!!

Hi guys, the other day I was just watching videos on youtube, and I found some girls who do videos which are so creative, they do such amazing videos. Better I stop talking and just show you the video that is my favourite!

I investigate a little and a lot of people want to know which is the camera they use and it is the "canon rebel with a 55-250mm lens".

So this was just a little post to talk about this amazing girls.

Their channel:

2011 Fall trends

Hi beauties, today I am showing you the latest fall trends that are on runways and get them at cheaper prices and also pieces that you can wear in an every day outfit.

Blazers, Coats and Vests: This is a must have for the fall, this define your waist and your silhouette. You can pair them literally with everything, like skirts, shorts, dresses. This have been a part on the runway such as Peter Som.

 Both are from Forever 21, the blazer is $27.80 and the vest $27.80 too.

Mustard Hues: This is a huge trend for this fall, but be sure to wear it correctly and not exaggeratedly. This has been on the runway in such designers as The Row and Wes Gordon.

View Product

The skirt is from Forever 21 and it is $19.80 and the leggings are from Urban Outfitters and are $24 or 2 for $30.

Polka Dots: Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg show the same print on the runway. If polka dots isn't your thing try adding it on small pieces like a scarf.

View Product

The purse is from Urban Outfitters and it is $19.99 and it was $49.00 (that's a huge sale), and the skirt is from Forever 21 and it is $22.80.

Cozy sweaters: This is a must have for fall, and also if you live in a cold place this really helps and as a bonus point they arre really comfy. They have been huge on Tracy Reese.

View Product

The sweater on the left is from Urban Outfitters and is expensive, $59.00 and on the right is from Forever 21 an is $19.80.

Maxi skirts: this have been a huge trend, and they are really comfy. (PS: I love the brick color skirt)

Both skirts are from Forever 21, on the left the skirt cost $19.80 and on the right it cost $24.80 an it come with the belt is you are interesd.

Well, this is the end of this post. I just want to say that here I just put some of the trends but there are a lot more.

Friday, September 16, 2011

September Beauty Wishlist

Hi beauties, today I'm doing a September Beauty Wishlist as you can see by the title. I am showing you the products I would like to try this month.
September Beauty Wishlist
Benefit Cosmetics Feelin' Cheeky! Minis ($26 Value) Feelin' Cheeky! Minis
$15 -

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette/1.7 Oz.
$62 -

MAC 'Semi Precious' Mineralize Skinfinish Semi Precious Rose Quartz One Size
$28 -

Urban Decay Naked Palette Make Up

Clinique Chubby Stick

Benefit Erase Paste Concealer
$26 -

Nars Lip Lacquer
$32 -

OPI Nail Polish Melon of Troy
$6.19 -

PS #1: I already have the benefit lighter but the set is way more convenient than the products separated.
PS #2: I change AGAIN my backround, and yes I just leave the last one just like for 5 days.

Hope you enjoy, and leave in the comments what are the products you wish for this month!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

August Favourites (LATE)

Hi beauties,

So today i'm doing a Late August favourites, and i feel like all my favourites are late. If you want to read my July Favourites (Late too), here's the link:

Here are my favourites:

1.- My iPad 2, I bought it on May and I just have been obsessed with it, is the one that i only have internet where is WiFi, but that's ok. I have the pink smart cover, and also I add a quote. A lot of people asked me how i did it and the answer is when you buy your iPad online you can add your quote for free!!

2.- High beam luminizer is the best poduct if you want to iluminate, i think if your looking for an iluminator this is a best choice, be sure to use the decent ammount of it. This product is one of my most use products.

High Beam

3.- Is my conditioner, the L'Oreal Eversleek Repair Smoothing Conditioner (that's a long name), I bought it at Target. I have been using it for 4 months, and it's freakin good, it is that leaves your hair so smooth and soft, it has been the best conditioner I have tried. And the bottle of 8.5 oz is only $5.99, isn't that amazing!!

4.- Covergirl Naturall Luxe Foundation is the best foundation ever, I think if you are looking for a foundation you definitly have to try this one. For my skin that is normal( I'm trying to say that's not dry or sensitive) it works perfectly, it doesn't make me have break outs. And for a bonus it has SPF 10. And I bought it at Target.

5.- For a book, I think a great non- reading book is "PS: I made this", I just love how Erica Domesek does her turns on something that she loves. I got my book at Urban Outfitters. PS: I made this website:

6.- For my favourite song this month is "Mine" by Taylor Swift. I konw is an old song but I just have been loving is this month. And not just only the song but the Official Video is Awsome and cute, so if you haven't seen it here is the video.


7.- My favourite quote is this one:
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."   
 — Mae West

So hope you enjoy this Favourites post, leave your favourite quote in the comments, I would love to see it!

New Backround !?!? Updates, Future Posts

Hi lovelies

Today I just wanted to ak you guys, what do you think of my new backround!! Well, I just was bored with my old backround so it was the time of a change!!

Oh, and for leave it clear, I AM NOT IN COLLEGE, I just wanted to give tips for small rooms and college dorm rooms.

Well, I'm thinking of doing a wishlist. What do you think about that? Also I want to do a "What I love about you! TAG".

That was my small updated post!!

Leave request in the comments or write to me at:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recent Purchases For My Room!!

So in this post i'm just showing you some recent purchases that i have got for my room.l I'm doing it beacasue my "Tips for rooms and college rooms" post is one of the posts that most people read so, i'm giving tips for rooms but with my last purchases. Hope you enjoy!! Oh and i was forgetting about this but I have updated my "About me" page with some FAQ'S (frequently asked questions).

The first thing is this little like couchy thing, I don't really know how to describe this, so if you know the name of "the thing" leave it at the comments. So I just put on a pink blanket, for when it gets cold and also i leave there the magazine that i'm currently reading or taking an eye on!!

The next thing i got was this necklace holder where i leave my most used necklaces, the good thing about this is that is really tall so the necklaces fit perfectly. (I have to doble mine's beacause i like long necklaces)

At last i bought a new mirror beacause the one i had broke so i need a new one!!

So hope you guys enjoy this and please leave in the comments requests and how you would call "the thing".


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NOTD: Shatter with hot pink!!

Hi fashionistas,

So today I went to get my hands made at the salon, so I really wanted to try shatter nails. I want to show you how the nails look beacause they look so adorable. I watched the colors they put me, all is by O.P.I, so hope you enjoy!!

After they did a lot of the typical stuffs on my hands they put "nail envy by OPI", the girl said me that if i wanted the color to stay for more time i should apply this on every 2 days!!

Then i choose this color, it is "That's Hot! Pink" i think is so cute!! (she put 2 coats on)

Then she put on some of the "DS bold" .I reccomend that when you are using a shatter nail polish always use a glittery nail polish that match your color nail polish (only 1 coat).

And finally she put on the black shatter on.

Hope you liked this post and have a good week!!