Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to: Fishtail Braid

Hi everyone,

In this post just find out how to get a cute fishtail braid!!You will need:

  • A comb
  • An elastic
  • Patience and practice
  1. Star by combing your hair like you normally would.
  2. Divide the hair you want to braid into two equal sections.
  3. Start a fishtail braid by holding the right section with your right hand. Then, using your left hand, pick up a one-eighth-inch chunk of hair from the outside of the left section and cross it over to the inside of the right section.
  4. Repeat on the other side: Hold the left section in your left hand. Use your right hand to pick up a one-eighth-inch chunk of hair from the outer right section and cross it over to the inside of the left section.
  5. Continue picking up small sections and crossing them over until you reach the ends of your hair.
  6. And to finish your cute fishtail braid just secure it with an elastic, try it to be the same color as you hair color.
If you didn't understand, its better by watching how to get it, I recommend this videos, I learn only from this ones.
  • Megan and Liz

  • PiinkSparkles

Hope this help you!!! Leave requests in the comments!!

Love you guys!!

Back to school: 3 Basic study tips!!

Hi beauties,
So a lot of people are just really nervous and excited for school, also many of you may already be in school, but today I'm doing a post that will help everyone, just take note to this cute easy tips for concentrate more at doing homeworks or just studying...

PD #1: If you are in high school, middle school, etc, I hope this tips will help anyone that need them

1.- Get a place to study

So the first thing for doing your homework/studying is getting settled. Look for a place where you feel peaceful and an area where you are with a mind idea of studying. Also another extra tip is when you study make sure to have your desk or your study area to have it clean and organized.

PD #2: Make sure this doesn't happen to you.

2.- Have the mood to study

Make an effort to LEARN. Nobody's going ot be there telling you that you have to study, you are the only one that can make you be on the mood to study. Don't think negative!!! This will make it so much easier. And just put a smile on your face!

I learnt this from my own experience. The thing is that in the past I would always be repeating to myself "I hate math, I can't do this, etc" (well i still hate math), but the thing is that I learned that when I repeat myself that I'm not going to get anything.

3.- Colors make it so much easier

Using highlighters, color pencils, post its, will make the study more fun and easier to learn. Make sure to put colors on your notes, this will make you be more active. You can uy some awsome color

Hope this help someone!!! If you want some requests leave them in the comments below!!

It's just for fun!!!

Hi guys, this is not my really type of blog posts, but like the tittle said it "it's just for fun". So the thing is that I really want to post about something, but I was without ideas, so I just did a set on Polyvore (like always), but this was a random set I wanted to do, so just let get to the point of this postt and show the set.

Cute Set
So hope you like this little post, if you want me to do more posts like this, just leave on the comments or send me a mail to kmk.lvmk@hotmail.com, also, please leave a comment on what you think!!

Hope you enjoy and have a good week!
Bye guys!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Favourites shoes of the month (July)

Hi lovelies, how is your week going?

Today I am doing my second post of "Favourites shoes of the month", and if you don't read my last post, is about showing 4 of your fav shoes of this month, not necessarily you have to have them. But lets start...
Favourites shoes of the month
1.- Jimmy Choo Ellie leather and mesh sandals: I think they are so fashionable and I am also absolutly obsessed with nude shoes. I would wear them with this:

Outfit of the day
2..- Mystique White Beads Thong Sandals: I think they are so summery and I really apprecitae the details. I would wear it with this:
Cute summer outfit

3.- Biela Espadrille: I just really think this wedges are so cool and original and the look like from a safari, I don't know why but it reminds me of that. Also the good thing is that wedges make you feel that your are not wearing heels. I would wear them with this:
Summery outfit!!

4.- Carvela Support booties: I think this are so cool, well they look a little bit messy, but that's the original touch they gave to the outfit, I just love wearing this type of booties with a white tank top. I would wear it with this outfit:
Cool outfit
Hope you enjoy. Which are your favourites shoes of July?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July Favourites (LATE)!!

Hi my lovelies followers, today I'm doing my favourites, yeah I know I am really late, but I really love doing this post so I wanted to do it and I'm doing it (that's sounded weird), anyways let's start...

Nivea Soft

I'm just obsessed with this face cream, I use it on the mornings, at night and after the shower, you feel really your skin really hidratated. So definitly check it out!!

Creme de la Creme lipstick

I just get a while ago this M.A.C lipstick, it just like an everyday lipstick with a little bit of shimmer!

Walmart pearl ring

I just got the obsession with rings, a lot more with STRECHY rings, is that they are so comfortable. And also if you want to order rings online you don't have to worry if it fits you or not!

Passion Flower Candle

Well, I love candles, but there's a scent from Bath and Body works I have been loving this month, and it's the "passion flower" one, is that's so refreshing and it smells so good, OMG, it smells so good, so try it out!!

Zara heels

The last 2 weeks I have been wearing a lot a new pair of heels I bought, they are from Zara. They are like a neutral color that match everything, and also as you all know I live where we are in winter, so this is perfect for the season!!!

Hope you enjoy this Late July favourites, and please leave in the comments some bath and body works candles you think I should try!!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video of the day: How to make oyur own statment necklace!!

Hi guys, so I bought like 2 months ago th book by Erica Domesek "Ps: I made this". I really think is one of the best books ever, it really teach you how to turn some clothes or accesesories you don't wear to something that is taken from the runaways. So here I got a video teaching you how to make a statement necklace by Erica Domesek.

Get the book at any bookstor, I got mine at Urban Outfitters, check it out.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Favourite Drugstores Products!!!

Hi guys, today I'm showing you my favourite drugstore products. I just love watching this type of videos or blog post because it gives you new products to try and just know more opinions of a product that have catch your eye.

So let's start...

  • Almay Intense i-color

This is on the top of my list. Is the "Almay Intense i-color", this is one of my everyday eyeshadow, I think isn't too dramatic but adds a pop of color into your look.

  • Eos Evolution of smooth
This is something that is the best drugstore product, definitly, this leave your lips so smooth and also the packaging is really cute, like and egg, so definitly check this out if you haven't.

  • Maybelline Dreame Mousse blush
This is a really good cream blush, if you are looking for a cheaper one this is definitly the on you could try, I also love one from Sally Hansen, but I didn't post about that beacause I am running from that product so it wouldn't look good on a picture.
  • Covergirl lipsticks
I think the best drugstore lipsticks are from covergirl, they are so smooth and they really have cute colors, so you have to try them out.

So that were my favourite drugstore products, so I think you should definitly check them out!!!
Please leave in the comments wich are your favourite drugstore products!!

Video of the day: Twiggy inspired 60s makeup tutorial!

Hi everyone, how are you guys doing?

Well as you can see the video of today is a Twiggy makeuo tutorial, and I love so much this video. The girl that is doing this video is Fleur, she's so cute and amazing, she have done really good tutorial, so this is one. So, hope you enjoy.

Did you like the video? What type of video of the day would you like to see?

Leave on the comments your answers!!!! Hope you have a really good day, and see you on my next post!!

Fleur Information:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nail of the day: Yellow like a lemon!!

Hi guys, today I'm doing a new nail of the day!! I 'm so excited about this one beacause is one of my favourite looks!!!

So I love using really "pop" colors, and you probably are asking what is a "pop" color. Well are like statments color that really stand out.

Here it is the color I used:
This is the color "Need sunglasses" by O.P.I

And here's a picture of my hand wearing the color (so random!)

Sorry the camera wasn't to focus (I was in the car), so sorry about that!!

Hope you enjoy!!! Leave questions or requests on the comments below!!

Video of the day: Dark & Dramatic "Going Out" Eyes

Hi guys, I' m really sorry for don't be posting a lot lately, is beacause I have been really busy with school stuf, beacause as you know I mentioned in a post that where I live we are in winter and I'm nnot on holidays, so I have been really busy. But the point is that know I'm posting a LOT, so be cheking for new posts.

Well, this post is about the video of the day, is a tutorial of like a dark going out look, I think this look is so pretty and really dramatic, so hope you enjoy!!! Please if you have a youtube channel leave it in the comments, and I would go and check it out the fastest that I can!!!

This video is by Tiffany, a really good beauty guru, with a lot of great tips, so definitly check her channel. (Links at the end of the post)

So here's the tutorial:

Links for more about Tiffany:

Follow her on twitter! http://twitter.com/tiffanyld
Tiffany NEW Facebook Fan Page! http://www.facebook.com/MakeupByTiffanyD
Tiffany's beauty blog http://www.makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com
Tiffany's vlog channel : http://www.youtube.com/tiffanydtv
Link to this video: http://www.youtube.com/user/MakeupByTiffanyD#p/u/36/f5y0JiyJZvE

Bye, hope you enjoy, leave your request in the comments!!!