Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 tips on: How to deal with a stressful week

Hi guys, today I am doing a post which I had the idea because of the recent weeks that I've had! The past weeks have been extremely stressful, especially with all the tests in school. So in this post I am showing you some tips that may help you with your stressful week!

PS: I'm not an expert but these tips may help you!

1.- Eat gum

One of the recent weeks I was at the point were I was so stressed so the only thing to do was looking online. The thing that almost every article said for dealing with stress was doing yoga, but I didn't had time for yoga so I was looking for a faster option; and that was when I found that eating gum helps. I tried it and it REALLY helps. I totally recommended. My favorite gum is 5 Gum.

2. Drink water

Well for me, all my life I had been obsessed with water, so it hasn't been a problem drinking it, but if you aren't like me and it's really hard for you to drink water try this tip:

Pinned Image

Water makes you feel better, fresh and hydratated!

3.- Do sports at least once a week

You don't have to go to a special gym or anything to do this! A good way of doing this is putting a really energetic song in your room and just dancing around! The important thing is that you enjoy it! For me I LOVE jogging!

4.- Surround yourself with good people

Surround yourself with people that makes you happy, it can be your family, friends, boyfriend, etc. But also people who is a good influence for you and not people who is always bringing you down! People that support you!

5.- Leave a day off

Even if your full of busy things to do, give yourself a break, but a break I mean being a littke bit selfie! Take a bath, watch your fav TV show (#PLL), read a book, paint your nails, etc. Last sunday I was really stressed out so what I did is give myself a little treat, taking a lush bath, reading Divergent and doing a pedicure to myself! Here's a pic that I post from my instagram (which is one of the social medias I'm most in):

Hope you guys enjoy this 5 tips, and if you have more tips leave them in the comments below!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

♡ Saturday Favorites ♡

Hi everyone, today again I am doing my saturday favorites, so Happy Saturday! Hope you all are having a relaxing sunday! So let's start!

Favorite movie of the week

Favorite designer dress (elie saab)

Pinned Image

Favorite Shoes

Marc by Marc Jacobs box flats

Favorite wedding

Favorite how to

Hope you enjoy this post and have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

♡ Saturday Favorites ♡

Hi beauties, hope you had a great week! This week was exhausting, but I learned a LOT! Hope you guys are as well! So better stop chatting and showing you my saturday favorites!

Favorite Keep Calm and...

Pinned Image

Favorite cool pic (Disney Abbey road)

Pinned Image

Favorite cute couple pic


Favorite red carpet look (Taylor Swift at the teen choice awards 2012 wearing: a Maria Lucia Hohan dress, Lorraine Schwartz Jewels, Prada Heels, and an Edie Parker Clutch)

Favorite childhood TV series memory (Hey Arnold!)


Hope you all had a great week and see you soon!


Friday, August 17, 2012

NOTD: Rally Pretty Pink!

As most of you know, I LOVE nail polish, and I have found THE nail polish! It is from the OPI Serena Glam Slam! France collection. This collection is based in  two Glam Slam! Duos. I have the duo that comes with OPI Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter. This collection was launched in May from 2011.

OPI Rally Pretty Pink (2 coats)

The pics above were Rally Pretty Pink!It is a rosy pink lilac with pink and gold micro-glitter. The gold is very predominant and it creates a peachy duo-chrome effect. The effect that creates remind me a lot of Chanel Peridot!

I think this polish requires two coats but if you like really opaque nails I would recommend 3 coats!

Hope you all enjoy this post and have a great day!! Love you all!!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

♡ Saturday Favorites ♡

Hi guys! Today I am doing a new series called Saturday Favorites(Inspired in Lauren Conrad), showing you what I have been loving in the week. So here are a few favorites from the past week...

Favorite Movie (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2)

The Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2

Favorite Travel Destination (London)

Pinned Image

Favorite Laugh (Pretty self explainatory)

Pinned Image

Favorite Makeup look (Bold lips)

Pinned Image

Favorite OMG (Most Expensive Polish in the World: Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish)

Have an AMAZING weekend!