Saturday, June 9, 2012

Favorite pieces of the month - May

Hi blogger world.

Today I am doing a new series on my blog which will be replacing "Favorite shoes of the month", hope you all enjoy this new series!

Fav pieces of the month

1. WRAP BRACELETS: I love the look of "arm party" and this type of bracelets really help to get that look! I did last year a post of how to do one:


2. CORAL NAIL POLISH: This is a huge trend right now. I think it adds a little touch into the outfit and it look super pretty!!


3. OMBRE SHORTS: I love the look!!!! It is so freaking cute!! And the great thing is that you can do it yourself!!

ombre shorts

Here are some videos that I found helpful for doing this shorts!

4. REBECCA MINKOFF MINI MAC: I have been loving these mini mac bags. I don't have one but I loveeee them!! They are great for adding a pop of color because they are in so many colors; neutrals and colors!

Casual day

5. SLEEVELESS BLOUSE: I love the casua/elegant look you can give to this type of blouse!! They are so cute!

color !!

Hope you guys like this new series!! Have a great day!!!!!

XO - Kari

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