Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beauty Things I SUCK At

Hi everyone! I have seen this tag floating around youtube, created by Kim (Rubenesquex3)! I decided to do it because I think is such an original idea, so I decided to bring it into the blogger world!

Here are the beauty things I SUCK at:

1.- Painting my right hand with my left hand!
I am such a pro when it comes to paint my left hand, but when  it comes to painting my right hand is such a mess! You know that tip of putting nail polish remover on a cue tip to clean the edges of your nails? Well, that doesn't work at all for me at all, because I paint my whole freakin finger with nail polish!

2.- Any type upper lid eyeliner on myself!
I don't have a problem doing the upper eyeliner on other people, even winged! But when I do it on my self I end up with all my lid cover in black eyeliner; I know practice makes perfect but in this case I think I'm done!

3.- Sock Buns!
I can do a messy bun, a quick bun, BUT, the sock bun is not my forte! I even have one of those sock thingies to do it, and it really doesn't work; it ends up like a mess with a ton of knots!

4.- Colorful eyeshadow looks!
I am really bad at going out of my comfort zone of neutrals color! The only color I have worn was the typical pop of color in the lower lash line; nothing else!

5.- Cleaning my brushes
I am so lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes! I know you are supposed to wash them once a week but I wash them like once a month (hehe)!

That's pretty much I can think of! I don't use self tanner or any type of tanning so I really don't have a problem with that!

What are the beauty things you SUCK at?

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