Monday, May 7, 2012

Style Steal: Pretty Little Liars

Are you a pretty little liar fan like me? Have you wondered where and how you can get some of the fashion or beauty pieces they use on the TV show?

If your answer to both questions is "YES", Keep Calm and Keep Reading!

- Pretty Little Liars (Mini) Inspired Owl Necklace

Pretty Little Liars (Mini) Inspired Owl Necklace
Jenna's inspired owl necklace
From here

Do you remember that episode in which Hanna thought this necklace was for her and it end up being for Jenna, plus it was an USB? This necklace is inspired but it doesn't have the USB. If you would like with the USB, it is $135.00, here.

- Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale Black Spider Necklace
Aria's spider necklace
From here

Aria's edgy style is shown on  Ep. 15 of Season 2, wearing this spider necklace with Swarovski Crystal by Celebrity Jewelry Designer Marianna Harutunian. If you would like to buy the exact same necklace click here.

- Pretty Little Liars Hanna clover glass sterling silver locket

Hanna's inspired necklace
From here

I think the necklace that Hanna was using is so pretty, so I found it!It is a beautiful sterling silver clover faceted glass locket that opens by unscrewing the small round piece above the locket.

- Pretty Little Liars Aria's Feather Earring
Aria's inspired earring
From here

A beautiful and long single all grizzly feather earring inspired by Aria wore on Pretty Little Liars. This adds an edgy focal point to all of your outfits!

- Pretty Little Liars Aria's inspired beaded necklace

Aria's inspired beaded necklace
From here

As seen in the first episode of PLL. Aria was wearing a beautiful beade necklace, with earth tones. Wear it with one stone on top and one on bottom around your neck, asymetrical or two different sides or even wrap it around your wrist to make a 4 strand bracelet.

- PLL inspired frienship bracelets

Pretty Little Liars Bracelet©
Pretty little liars original friendship bracelets

 If you are familiar with the TV show, a huge part of one of the seasons where the bracelets that Allison gave to the girls. Each bracelet comes with authentication and is custom made by Alison Merritt so you know you are getting an original bracelet! Here is the link to buy them:

- PLL inspired Handmade Stoneware Candle Luminary

PLL inspired Jenna's vase
From here

Would you like to spice up your room? Here's is an inspired vase in Jenna's one.

Which is your fav character from PLL? My fav is Aria. Hope you guys enjoy this post! See you next time!

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  1. OR you can get the REAL Pretty Little Liars Bracelet from the actual site the show got them from.

    Alison Merritt
    The Pretty Little Liars Bracelet Lady :)