Sunday, November 11, 2012

♡ Saturday Favorites ♡

Hi guys. TodayI am doing my saturday favorites. I think you already got that sometimes I will be posting my saturday favorites mainly on saturdays but if I don't have time I will have to post them on sundays. Well getting to the point here are my favorites of the past week!

Favorite cookies (Nutella cookies I made, let me know if you want a posy with the recipe)

Favorite happy pic

Favorite skirt 

Favorite Fall look

Favorite series (My dad and me are big Castle fans for a long time. This weekend I watch this 2 episodes and they were amazing: "Kick the Ballistics" and  "Eye of the Beholder" from season 4)

Hope all of you enjoyed this post and have a great week!

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  1. omg omg omg PLEASE do the recipe!! btw, those cookies look sooooo good!