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Delirium Series Review •Current Reads...

“We read to know that we are not alone.” 

I am a huge bookworm when it comes to a great book! I love the feeling of being cuddled up in a story! I've always believed that everyone would love to read if they find that book that they cannot put down!
I have decided to make these little series in my blog once in while to talk about books that I finished recently and books that I am currently reading! They will be kinda like updates and reviews!

Before I start, I want to say that if you want to see what I've read, you could check my Goodreads account, just click here

Before I start can I say that I hate these covers; I hate when they use a face that is supposed to be a character. Well, moving on, I finished the delirium trilogy! If you don't know what the Delirium Series is about, here's a little explanation:

The Delirium series is a dystopian young adult novel written by Lauren Oliver about a young girl, Lena Haloway, who falls in love in a society where love is seen as a disease.The story is set in Portland, Maine, in an alternate present. Civilization is concentrated in those cities which escaped the severe bombings of decades past. Travel between cities is highly restricted. Electric fences separate the city from the Wilds—unregulated territory which was presumably mostly destroyed by bombs.
The totalitarian government teaches that love is a disease, named amor deliria nervosa, commonly referred to as "the deliria". A surgical cure for the deliria has been developed and is mandatory for citizens 18 years old and over. Lena has looked forward to the procedure for years, convinced as she is by the government that love is a horrible disease that must be destroyed from mankind's system.
However, mere months before her scheduled procedure, Lena falls in love.


Well now on my opinion, I read the first two books like a year ago, and I finally got the time to finish the third one.

Delirium was definitely my favorite of the three. The way they describe the world, the writing, the plot, everything was amazing. I really like when dystopian novels create the world with such detail, that you understand why people believe the political and society rules; this was one of that cases. Sometimes with dystopian societies I have trouble believing that the world could actually turn out that way, well, here the world felt real.  Lauren Oliver did an amazing job putting the words together, so beautifully, just like a poet! Also I love that they use like real literature, they link Romeo and Juliet and others! Delirium got 5 stars from me and is in my all time favorite books!

Then Pandemonium was good as well, but still delirium was better. When I was reading Pandemonium I felt that it was a tad bit slow, and I always wanted to get the "now" part! I really like that you could see a new side to Lena, not just the Lena that fell in love, a Lena that was surviving! Again, the writing was amazing! I give this 4 stars, just for the fact that I felt it slow!

And finally Requiem I really enjoyed it reading. I love the 2 points of view, Lena's one and Hannah's one! BUT, the big but, was the end; which I wasn't satisfied with. I felt like the end was too open, I felt really confused! Like we deduce Lena ends up with Alex, but where's everything else?! That's why I give Requiem 3 stars, because of the ending! And can I say, that Raven dying was so sad, I cried in that part when I was reading it!

Me at the ending:

Also PS, I totally imagine this:

Alex as Diego Boneta and Julian as Cody Simpson (even though I barely know Cody's music)! hahah

In conclusion, if you like dystopian novels, give this series a shot, you are not going to regret it! I really recommend this series! READ IT!

Well, what were your thoughts in the Delirium Series? Are you planing on reading it?

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