Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi lovelies, today I am doing a post of a DIY halloween costume. Many of you want to do your costume easy but at the same time fun and cute, so in some future posts I will be doing a lot of these!! But only if you want, leave in the comments if you want more of these!!

So for halloween I am being Minnie Mouse, so here's a really easy DIY costume!

1.- Wear something red, I recommend a dress, found really cheap ones at forever 21!

2.- This step has 2 options, you can wear flats or pumps, be sure that they have to be black.

3.- Transform your legs by using black tighsts to represent the black legs that Minnie has.

4.- Buy a bow, or you can do your own, or another really cute and creative option is doing the "Lady Gaga Bow hair", this would represents Minnie's bow. Here's a video of "bebexo" doing a tutorial on how to do it for short and long hair:


1.- Do your everyday foundation routine.

2.- Apply an eye primer on your lid with your ring finger, this will helps the eye shadow stay longer.

3.- With a red glitter eyeliner draw a line on your lid, I didn't have those do i do it with a NYX Jumbo eye pencil and then put red glitter eyeshadow above

4.- Put white eyeshadow below the eyebrow and blend it.

5.- Curl your lashes.

6.- Put black eyeliner not in all your waterline, only on the outer waterline.

7.- Apply some false lashes, but if you don't have just put a lot of mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

8.- Apply blush.

9.- Use a red lipstick, and the as an optional step use a pinky lip gloss!

And that would be your DIY Minnie halloween tutorial!

PS: Remember to leave in the comments if you would like more of posts like this!
PS 2: You are all beautiful!

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