Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NOTD: Polka dots!

Hi lovelies, so today I painted my toe nails and I just wanted to show you guys how I do it, it's pretty simple and it gives a fun touch to your nails!

This is the finish product:

So the things you are going to need:

A top coat and a nail strenghther, the ones I am using are: as a top coat I'm using a "Seche Vite" top coat, for me this is the best top coat ever and it dry really fast, and for the nail strengther I am using "O.P.I Nail Strengther".

The next thing you will need is a bobby pin, I recommend the round point ones beacause they do more precise dots, in the picture I have an  example.

 Then you just need the colors you are using, in my case for the base color I'm using a blue color from O.P.I called "Suzi says feng shui" (this was from the Hong Kong collection I recommend buying it at Amazon, beacause it is limited edition, I bought mine at Amazon!) for some dots I am using a grey- ish color from O.P.I called "Moon over Mumbai", I bought it at Ulta and for the last color that I also use for some dots is a lila color from O.P.I called "Rumple's wiggin" (This is from the shrek collection, this as well I reccomend buying it at Amazon).

So let's start:

1.- Start applying the nail strengther in all of your nails, this is to protect your nails.

2.- Apply the base color you are using, in my case I'm using "Suzi says feng shui", for the color I got I apply 2 coats. Let it dry!

3.- When the base color is done take your bobby pin and put on a paper a little dot with the other colors, put a little bit on the bobby pin and start dotting it on your nails!

4.- Apply a top coat to all of your nail. And your polka dot nails are done, is that easy!!

If you try this nail tutorial please send me a picture of your nail to my twitter (@LifeLoverBlog) or to y email( Hope you enjoy!!

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