Monday, February 27, 2012

Tiny Lush Haul!

Hi everyone! Today I am just showing you just two products that I bought last week on Lush! Lush for me is heaven. You just go in and you smell the amazing products and also the people that work on Lush are so friendly!

 In lush I always repurchase products, that are on my daily use: my carbon exfoliator + a soap!

So this trip to Lush was one for my daily used products!

For the soap I wanted to try something new. I always pick up for soap the "Karma" soap. This soap is describe by lush as:

"Meditative patchouli soap for truly transcendent lather"

For more details abouthis soap click here.

This time I ak to the laady at lush that I wanteed to try a new scent and based of the ones I like she recommend me the "Sexy Peel" soap, so I choose it.

I always buy big chunks of soap, that's just me! This scent is describe as:

"Our delecatable lemon and lime marmelade soap with just a touch of sex appeal"

For more details on this soap click here.

The other thing I got was my carbon exfoliator! This is amazing it's really hard to find because is always out of stock, but I buy it. I have been using this for about 5 months and I just love it. It helps so much!

So hope you all enjoy this tiny haul and have a great day! Leave in the comments what are your fav things at Lush!


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  1. looks like some good stuff Kari! I wasn't that impressed with lush, however I am looking to be! I wanna the stuff so much because it is so much fun! I would love a review girl!

    1. I just love lush, i am definitly taking that lush review even thought I havent try all their products but I will reviw the ones I have already try!!!!

      Thanks for commenting, loving your blog!!! I always get excited when i see that you wrote a new blog post!