Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Instagram Life!

 Today I am jut showing you some of my fav pics that have been on my instagram profile! Instagram is an app for iPhone and you can take some pics and put some awsome filters (which is the most difficult part of all, they are all so cute). My Instagram name is: lifeloverblog, and if you don't have an iPhone you can see the updates here, on Followgram, my link:

Hope you guys enjoy some of my favorite pics I have took! If you have an Instagram leave it on the comments and I will check your pics out!

Enjoy life, live bold and have a great week!

XO- Kari

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  1. eek! i have the same ipod! love the pics :)

    Kristen L.

  2. great pictures, girl! first of all, I love the casette tape, too cute! and the glitter nails are so cute, they are like the ombre effect- you should check out my nails on my blog w/ the ombre like that- I love that. I love that picture of the jewelry and the very last picture on the right. I do not have instagram but I wish I did. I do however have GIMP and I can use filters w/ photo's on gimp so I am wondering what filters are those you used? I would love to know! thank you so much! Your blog is doing awesome, btw!

    1. the filters that i use are from my iPhone, normally I use the ones that are already included in instagram, and if I want to give a more detailed effect I use some of the apps that give you more effects!