Sunday, March 4, 2012

NOTD: Get your mint nail tutorial!

Hi guys, today I am doing a NOTD and is the first time that I try something like this! Doing like a nail art type on my nails is new to me, but I am liking it!

If you like trying new things, you would like this! I get this idea from a picture I saw at Pinterest!

Pinned Image
Picture from here
And my take on it!

From left to right: China Glaze Tinsel Town and China Glaze Re- Fresh Mint
What you will need:

- A non glitter polish
- A glitter polish
- A top coat
- A base coat
- Tape


1.- Paint your nails with the Non glitter polish, in my case the China Glaze Re- Fresh Mint polish.

2.- Let it completely dry. If you don't let it dry completly when you put the tape your nail will get ruined! I painted my nails and then the next day I did the glitter part!

3.- Put tape in a triangular shape.

4.- Fill the shape with the glitter polish!

5.- Wait for about a min. and take the tape.

6.- Put a top coat!

So that's it to get the design, pretty easy!

Hope you guys enjoy? Tweet me a picture If you did it! Have a wonderful day!

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