Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 tips on: How to deal with a stressful week

Hi guys, today I am doing a post which I had the idea because of the recent weeks that I've had! The past weeks have been extremely stressful, especially with all the tests in school. So in this post I am showing you some tips that may help you with your stressful week!

PS: I'm not an expert but these tips may help you!

1.- Eat gum

One of the recent weeks I was at the point were I was so stressed so the only thing to do was looking online. The thing that almost every article said for dealing with stress was doing yoga, but I didn't had time for yoga so I was looking for a faster option; and that was when I found that eating gum helps. I tried it and it REALLY helps. I totally recommended. My favorite gum is 5 Gum.

2. Drink water

Well for me, all my life I had been obsessed with water, so it hasn't been a problem drinking it, but if you aren't like me and it's really hard for you to drink water try this tip:

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Water makes you feel better, fresh and hydratated!

3.- Do sports at least once a week

You don't have to go to a special gym or anything to do this! A good way of doing this is putting a really energetic song in your room and just dancing around! The important thing is that you enjoy it! For me I LOVE jogging!

4.- Surround yourself with good people

Surround yourself with people that makes you happy, it can be your family, friends, boyfriend, etc. But also people who is a good influence for you and not people who is always bringing you down! People that support you!

5.- Leave a day off

Even if your full of busy things to do, give yourself a break, but a break I mean being a littke bit selfie! Take a bath, watch your fav TV show (#PLL), read a book, paint your nails, etc. Last sunday I was really stressed out so what I did is give myself a little treat, taking a lush bath, reading Divergent and doing a pedicure to myself! Here's a pic that I post from my instagram (which is one of the social medias I'm most in):

Hope you guys enjoy this 5 tips, and if you have more tips leave them in the comments below!


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