Sunday, September 16, 2012

♡ Saturday Favorites ♡

Hi everyone, today I am doing as always my saturday favorites!! In this favorites you are going to see a lot of movies because apparently these weekend was movie weekend for me!! Hope you enjoy!

Favorite movie

Favorite movie to L.O.L

Favorite Scott Disick moment


Favorite movie quote

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Favorite Movie to see with friends (we laughed a LOT, perfect por a pj party)

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  1. lol! 21 jump street! we just saw that last weekend too! aka the weekend you posted this! 1 of my fav. parts was when jonah hill started talking like a black girl, to the black girl at 21 jump st. haha! he does a good impression! i have never seen crazy stupid love, but you took a good picture of the t.v.! i like it! thats hard to do! i actually kinda think steve carell looks really cute right there! what movie is that quote from? emma stone & ryan gosling. must see!