Thursday, September 20, 2012

NOTD & Review: China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy ♡

First things first, something that you definitely are going to learn reading this post is that you should always investigate about the product you are buying!

Why am I saying writing this?

Well let me first start as a normal blog. Today guys I'm talking about a really famous nail polish that have been around: China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy!

Flip Flop Fantasy is from thre 2010 summer Poolside Collection. It is a super bright neon pink-coral that REALLY GETS ATTENTION!

Neons are really hard to capture in camera, so it was a pain taking pics of this polish! Please try to imagine the color but much brighter!

SO the story behind this is, the other day I went to a beauty store with a friend and we both bought this same polish! I was so excited for wearing this polish and when I started applying it I have to say that is the hardest polish to apply that I have tried, it never brushes on evenly. Also the formula is really watery. It is so streakey.

I was really disappointed because the color is soooo pretty and also because all my other China Glaze have a really good formula. My answer to my disappointment was investigate!

Neon colors are always like this type of formula! I thought that I was the only one with this experience but I read some forums and apparently I wasn't the only one.

What can you do if you love this polish but it's a nightmare to apply it?

1.- USE 3 COATS! I only apply this polish with 2 coats and I wasn't happy with the result.
2.- If you want a more polished look, apply a white nail polish before applying this polish (neons in general)
3.- Use a top coat! Neons normally dry matte, but not a pretty matte so be sure to apply a top coat!

Well that was it for this post, hope you all enjoy!!



  1. Yes!! I had the exact same problem! I thought maybe it was only me! It was sooo uneven!!! :( and I was really excited to wear it! Thanks for the tips! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!
    Sofi (:

  2. yeah! i haven't tried flip flop fantasy *but* i have a bunch of other neons and almost all of them dry matte and are weird to apply & really streaky. i have a great recommendation if your looking for a really really bright pink (like so bright when your outside, your neighbor will probably see it on their porch! ), it applies like a dream, really creamy + it dries to a glassy finish. I got it in my b-box a while back and I really loved it all summer. I have a notw if you wanna check it out! I actually was able to capture the neon of it, which is really hard to do! Jackie is just awesome like that, i guess, b/c i know it aint me! lol! i actually think flip flop fantasy looks really pretty on you! if that was true to color, i would honestly buy it in a heart beat! anyway, here's the link if your interested: