Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winter Beauty Tips - Keep your nails strong for the winter!

Hi fashionistas.
Cold temperatures bring snowball fights, hot chocolate—and, quite often, craggy nails and cuticles. Since winter is dry, winter is the enemie to your skin and specially your nails!! Today I bring you some tips for your nails!
Keep your nails strong for the cold winter!!
1.- Dried-out nails are more likely to break, split, and chip, that's why more of the most important tips is to drink a lot of water.

2.- Use a hand cream, throw it on your purse and you will be ready for winter. Also apply the hand cream after you wash your hands.

3.- Washing the dishes is the worst activity for your nails, so is time to buy some rubber gloves.

4.- Put a bit of cuticle oil before going to bed this is going to help your nails a lot.

5.- Also mittens is one way to shield your nails from the winter, it keeps your hands warm and it protect your nails from chipping.

Hope you enjoy the post and the easy tips to help your nails!!

Take care...

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