Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas songs on my playlist!!! PART 1

Hi cuties. Today I am doing some of the basic songs I have in my christmas playlist. Christmas is my favorite season of the year, everyone that knows me knows that I am a christmas girl, I love to have family time, love the christmas decorations and just the spirit, I just love it!! Well, but I am just changing up the topic, here are the songs(I put the video of the songs for you guys to be easier):

1.- Jingle Bell Rock - Megan and Liz

2.- Last Christmas - Glee

3.- White Christmas - Taylor Swift

4.- All I want for Christmas is you- Olivia Olson

(Sorry if in the video the music sound bad, but there weren't other links)

5.- Santa Claus is coming to town- Miley Cyrus

So maybe I should do a part 2 because Glee is doing a christmas episode this year so when the songs come out I am doing part 2. What do you think?

Leave in the comments your favorite christmas songs, I would love to know!


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