Saturday, December 3, 2011

Get the look of: Kim Kardashian

Hi guys, sorry for been away for so long, it was beacause I had a lot of exams but today I finished them ALL, so yay for me! I miss blogging a lot!! Now I can do more posts!

Today I am just going to post something little, I didn't havea lot of time, sorry!

Also I know that Erica from MeetMakeUp is going to love this, she loves Kim! SHOUT OUT FOR HER!!
Oh, and I want to thanks Cici for inviting me to pinterest, I am so obsessed with the page!
Get the look of: Kim Kardashian

In this look the pieces that you must need to recreate this look are:
- A chunky or statement necklace
- A nude dress
- And black high pumps

To get the makeup in this look:
- Use a lot o flayers of mascara
- A neutral pinky lipstick
- And a smokey not too dramatic eye look.

Hope you enjoy this short post!!
Thank you all for supporting my blog!!


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