Friday, June 28, 2013

How to follow me? • Google reader going away!

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Hi guys! I am going to leave this post sweet and short! Some of you may know that if you follow blogs using Google Reader (or follow blogs at all), I'm sure you've heard that Google Reader is going away, and soon!!  Like this Monday! This means that if you receive updates from my blog and the rest of the blogs you follow via Google Reader or if you have subscribed to blogs via GFC (Google Friend Connect), you will no longer be subscribed to those blogs unless you do something by another via!

You just have to do it before Monday. After Monday, all the hard work you put into finding just the perfect blogs for you will be gone. 

Something that I recommend is Bloglovin! I personally use it to follow the blogs that I like, and it's amazing, you can organize by categories and it's really easy to find the blogs that you like and to follow them! It has a very simple layout, a clean look, and a great search feature that allows you to find blogs like the ones you already follow. It to has ways to categorize your blogs and is a lot faster than the old Google Reader. 

So if you want another way to follow blogs (and me ! ) I recommend Bloglovin! I have a button in the side bar if you want to follow me on there!

But in case here's another one:

Follow on Bloglovin


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