Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recent Purchases For My Room!!

So in this post i'm just showing you some recent purchases that i have got for my room.l I'm doing it beacasue my "Tips for rooms and college rooms" post is one of the posts that most people read so, i'm giving tips for rooms but with my last purchases. Hope you enjoy!! Oh and i was forgetting about this but I have updated my "About me" page with some FAQ'S (frequently asked questions).

The first thing is this little like couchy thing, I don't really know how to describe this, so if you know the name of "the thing" leave it at the comments. So I just put on a pink blanket, for when it gets cold and also i leave there the magazine that i'm currently reading or taking an eye on!!

The next thing i got was this necklace holder where i leave my most used necklaces, the good thing about this is that is really tall so the necklaces fit perfectly. (I have to doble mine's beacause i like long necklaces)

At last i bought a new mirror beacause the one i had broke so i need a new one!!

So hope you guys enjoy this and please leave in the comments requests and how you would call "the thing".



  1. I just adore your necklace holder! Congrats on your new dorm room and starting college :)

    Kristen L.

  2. lol "the thing" i would say is either an ottoman or a stool.. haha! also, the necklace holder is awesome, and exactly what im looking for! for the time being, I have all my necklace's and earrings on a cork board. I hang my necklaces off of a tack but where did you get all your stuff?

    where are you from if you dont mind my asking? also i didnt know you were going to college! where at? good luck boo! study hard!

    thanx so much for your support on my bloggie blog!

  3. Thanks for the idea of hoe to organize my necklaces.hahaha, the thing i would call it a stool as you said well all the stuff I bought it at a local boutique on my city.

    And I am not in college, but it's okay. Thanx you so much for your support on my blog!!