Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tips for rooms and college rooms!!!

Hi everyone, today I really wanted to write about tips for rooms!!! As I finished redecorating my room I really wanted to give some tips to get organize and get your room decorated. So lets start...

Storage under your bed

I think this is really helpful if your room is small, this helpps you get more organized and get more space, specialley in college!!! Get at really good deals at: Target, Walmart, etc.

Charming Chalkboard

Get a cute chalkboard in your room for writing notes, leaving messages, and scribbling reminders. The best part about this one: it sticks to the wall and pulls right off, so you won’t have to try and hang anything heavy on an impossible dorm wall. You can get this one at JCPenney only for $16,99.

Table Talk
A lap desk is perfect for tiny spaces like your dorm room or a small room. Use it to study on your bed or as a coffee table when friends visit, and also you can fold it up for easy storage. You can even personalize it with your monogram, like your name or anything you want to write. You can get it at Pbteen.

Cover to Cover
Put all of your mags in these fun files—they’ll give your desk an awesome, wake-up-up jolt of color! You can get this at

If the Shoe Fits

Hanging Closet Organizer

Next time you need more space for clothes, keep them all organized in your closet (without taking up valuable floor space). Also if you really love shoes and you are going to college this is  the perfect organizer for all of your shoes!! You can get them at Bed and Bath Beyond, Pbteen.

Let the light come in

Fun lighting will add instant personality to any room. Turn this hanging lamp on, and it will even project decorative patterns all over the walls for some extra style! You can get it at

Cute Cube

I think this is a lifesaver, these cubes are awesome because you can hide your mess before friends come over—and give them a place to sit! You can get this at, Pbteen, Walmart, target, etc.

Sweet Dreams with some style

Sweet dreams is what you get with this cute Teen Vogue Bedding collection, also it adds a touch of style and fashion to your room. You can only find it at: JCpenny

Hope this tips help you and leave your tips for room organization below in the comments!!

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