Friday, May 20, 2011

New York here I go!!!

Hi guys, this is a little like a vlog post, beacause I have to say you something. Today I'm going to New York for 1 week, and then I'm going for 2 weeks to Orlando for the third time but to New York is my first time, and I'm so excited, also you know ervery girl like shopping, and what's better than New York, so I will be updating you here and showing you pictures!!

PS: Know you can ask me questions at my formspring, the link is on the right bar...

Please leave in the comments requests, etc.

1 comment:

    i love your blog its so fun!
    i hope yo love NY and have a great time en Orlando! i love your style, and I want something cute of NY,
    (I mean a gift) hahahahaha