Friday, January 20, 2012

Just for fun room decor!

So one of my hobbies is interior design, this doesn't mean that I want to be an interior designer. I want to work in New York in a fashion magazine. But as I said I love room decor so I did a set of a room, and I thought that I could share it with all of you! This could help you if you are decorating  your room!

If you like these sets, I could do a series where I show you different ideas for rooms, let me know what you think of this series!
Just for fun

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe shoes
$1,370 -

Chanel bag

Kate Spade flower bib necklace
$498 -

Jewelry Armoire, Modern Dual Tone
$200 -

Sheepskin Rugs
$199 -

MAISON DE VACANCES Cowhair Love Pillow
$185 -

As you can see I used fashion as decoration for the room, like the Giuseppe Zanotti  shoes and the Chanel purse. The pop of color is the light blue, and I really wanted to play with textures!

Let me know your opinion in the comments below!!

xo - Kari

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