Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finger Paint Nail Polish Review!

Hi sweeties. Today I am doing a reviw for the Finger Paint brand. The other day I was in a salon and they were selling this brand. I have never heard of it but I wanted to try it out. This was $5.00 so I think is really cheap for the quality. I am so IMPRESSED by this brand.

PROS: - Very long lasting, usually 4-5 days
- Long range of colors
- Different type of glitters and colors
- Good price
- Apply smoothly
- Thin brush
- Pretty Presentation
- The color is very true as it shows the packaging

CONS: - Sometimes the consistency is a little watery

So if you ask me if I would buy it again. Definitely I would buy it again!! I love it! And again it has a great variety of colors!!

You should try it out!!!

xo -Kari

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  1. That's a lovely color :)

    & I'll be checking out your other links too!!