Sunday, July 17, 2011

Favourite shoes of the month!!! (JUNE)

Hi guys, today I'm doing a post inspired on a post done by the blog "MeetMakeup", I really love and appreciate the imagination of her post.

The point of the post was show 4 shoes that you have been loving this month (not necessarily shoes you already own). So these shoes have been in my eye for so much time.
Favourite shoes of the month!!! (JUNE)

1.- Sandals Women from, these shoes were my obsessions since I saw a chapter on mtv of "Plaine Jane", were Louise Roe was wearing this type of shoe, and I really fell in love with the shoes. I would wear them with this:

Day and Night
2.- Alexander Mcqueen College Baseball Booties, theses are my obsession, they are so cute, love the edgy, rocker vibe that they have. I would wear them with this outfit:
Buisness Day

3.- Christian Louboutin Kasha, I love the cage they have and also the studs (and that's not a new thing, I have been loving studs), but the thing is also they are so cute. I would wear it with this:


4.- Jil Sander Peep Toe Booties are so chic and I am in love with them. I love that they are like booties but for summer or spring. I would wear it with this:

Chic picnic

So hope all of you enjoy, and I would be so happy if you do your own post showing your top 4 shoes of the month, please leave the link on the comment!!!

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