Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nail of the day: Get the glitter!!

Hy guys, this is my first nail of the day, and I'm really excited, I try something new. Recently I wanted to try some polishes from the Katy Perry Collection from O.P.I, so I bought "Last friday night" and "Teenage dream".

Here's a picture of "Last friday night"...

And here's "Teenage Dream"...

Well the ponit was that normally I don't use a lot of Glittery polishes, but these are really good, and well trying the polishes this month I decided that my favourite from this two is "Last friday night", BUT, there's always a "but", if you want more of a solid color I recommend using a similar color before applying the glittery one. But I wear them alone.

But leading to the main topic I tried mixing them, so I started first puting the 2 "Last friday night", then 1 "Teenage dream", and this is the result:

Sorry this was the only picture that the color of the nail is show with a good light, as you can tell the color is like a light only glittery purple.

*If you remember this was a picture that I think I show on my blog post about my trip to New York, Boston and Orlando, you can check it out here:

Hope this helped someone, and leave in the comments what you think about glittery polishes, and some of reccomendations you have, I would love to read your comment!!

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