Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's in my Beach bag!!

With summer going on you might be going out to the beach, a lake or even a swimming pool. No matter where you’re going this summer, be smart and pack your bag with the right stuff. I was inspired to do this post after watching a lot of videos on youtube. Below (and pictured above) is a list of my beach bag essentials and some suggestions on what you should stock up on for your summer bag too...

(In this post I am also showing the video of he day)
What's in my Beach bag!!

Items listed from left to right. Here is the first row:

Here is the second row (again, listed from left to right):

  • Pink Lady Apple: Love taking to the beach a fresh juuicy fruit, when you are hungrry it your favourite fruit and it helps to stay eating healthy.
  • Large Comb: I highly recommend packing a comb to brush through wet hair to avoid an unmanageable mess later in the day. After I go swimming, I usually run a comb through a few times.
  • Evian Facial Water Spray No Color 10 oz: Since temperatures flare during the summer, stay cool with a nice misting spray like this one by Evian. If you feel hot, just give your face a quick mist! Plus, it will help prevent dryness and keep the outer layer of your skin quenched.
  • Navy Blue Bobble® Water Bottle: Stay hydrated with a cute reusable water bottle like this Water Bobble. It’s super cute, eco friendly and lightweight!
  • Nivea a Kiss of Protection SPF 30 Lip Care, 0.17-Ounce Sticks (...: Nothing is worse than sporting some seriously chapped lips! I like to apply a chap stick with SPF before I’m out in the sun to protect my lips from getting burnt and chapped.

Here is the video of the day, so I wanted to do it realated with the post so here it is:

So as you know one of my favourite beauty gurus is macbarbie07 (Bethany), so I choose on of her videos!!
    Hope you enjoy, leave in the comments which are you beach bag essentials!!

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