Monday, July 4, 2011

Video of the day!!! Camera & Lighting, Set up for Youtube!!

Hi guys, I try to do this post everyday, but I have been a little bit busy, but this is the video from today.

The video that I'm showing you guys today is really helpful for the girls, that have their youtube channels and they aren't sure how to sset their lighting, and also after I saw this video and I thought: "In all the videos that I watch, behind their is really a lot of work!!"

So this video is by Fleur from Fleurdeforce, she is a british girl, that she is so kind, and funny and really like a "good vibration girl", you know. So hope you enjoy!!!!

So hope this help someone.

PD: In all this videos of the day I try showing different beauty gurus!!! Please leave the name of your channel in the comments, and I will go and check it out inmediatly!!


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