Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to school: 3 Basic study tips!!

Hi beauties,
So a lot of people are just really nervous and excited for school, also many of you may already be in school, but today I'm doing a post that will help everyone, just take note to this cute easy tips for concentrate more at doing homeworks or just studying...

PD #1: If you are in high school, middle school, etc, I hope this tips will help anyone that need them

1.- Get a place to study

So the first thing for doing your homework/studying is getting settled. Look for a place where you feel peaceful and an area where you are with a mind idea of studying. Also another extra tip is when you study make sure to have your desk or your study area to have it clean and organized.

PD #2: Make sure this doesn't happen to you.

2.- Have the mood to study

Make an effort to LEARN. Nobody's going ot be there telling you that you have to study, you are the only one that can make you be on the mood to study. Don't think negative!!! This will make it so much easier. And just put a smile on your face!

I learnt this from my own experience. The thing is that in the past I would always be repeating to myself "I hate math, I can't do this, etc" (well i still hate math), but the thing is that I learned that when I repeat myself that I'm not going to get anything.

3.- Colors make it so much easier

Using highlighters, color pencils, post its, will make the study more fun and easier to learn. Make sure to put colors on your notes, this will make you be more active. You can uy some awsome color

Hope this help someone!!! If you want some requests leave them in the comments below!!

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