Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Favourite Drugstores Products!!!

Hi guys, today I'm showing you my favourite drugstore products. I just love watching this type of videos or blog post because it gives you new products to try and just know more opinions of a product that have catch your eye.

So let's start...

  • Almay Intense i-color

This is on the top of my list. Is the "Almay Intense i-color", this is one of my everyday eyeshadow, I think isn't too dramatic but adds a pop of color into your look.

  • Eos Evolution of smooth
This is something that is the best drugstore product, definitly, this leave your lips so smooth and also the packaging is really cute, like and egg, so definitly check this out if you haven't.

  • Maybelline Dreame Mousse blush
This is a really good cream blush, if you are looking for a cheaper one this is definitly the on you could try, I also love one from Sally Hansen, but I didn't post about that beacause I am running from that product so it wouldn't look good on a picture.
  • Covergirl lipsticks
I think the best drugstore lipsticks are from covergirl, they are so smooth and they really have cute colors, so you have to try them out.

So that were my favourite drugstore products, so I think you should definitly check them out!!!
Please leave in the comments wich are your favourite drugstore products!!

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