Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July Favourites (LATE)!!

Hi my lovelies followers, today I'm doing my favourites, yeah I know I am really late, but I really love doing this post so I wanted to do it and I'm doing it (that's sounded weird), anyways let's start...

Nivea Soft

I'm just obsessed with this face cream, I use it on the mornings, at night and after the shower, you feel really your skin really hidratated. So definitly check it out!!

Creme de la Creme lipstick

I just get a while ago this M.A.C lipstick, it just like an everyday lipstick with a little bit of shimmer!

Walmart pearl ring

I just got the obsession with rings, a lot more with STRECHY rings, is that they are so comfortable. And also if you want to order rings online you don't have to worry if it fits you or not!

Passion Flower Candle

Well, I love candles, but there's a scent from Bath and Body works I have been loving this month, and it's the "passion flower" one, is that's so refreshing and it smells so good, OMG, it smells so good, so try it out!!

Zara heels

The last 2 weeks I have been wearing a lot a new pair of heels I bought, they are from Zara. They are like a neutral color that match everything, and also as you all know I live where we are in winter, so this is perfect for the season!!!

Hope you enjoy this Late July favourites, and please leave in the comments some bath and body works candles you think I should try!!!


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  1. ooh yeah those shoes r cute! i had that same candle and yes it is awesome, I also love the coconut leaves one- you should go back soon because they have alot of the fall candles out- i got the marshmallow fireside- it is truly amazing just enough spice but the sweetness of it balances it out- it is so unique