Monday, August 1, 2011

Video of the day: Dark & Dramatic "Going Out" Eyes

Hi guys, I' m really sorry for don't be posting a lot lately, is beacause I have been really busy with school stuf, beacause as you know I mentioned in a post that where I live we are in winter and I'm nnot on holidays, so I have been really busy. But the point is that know I'm posting a LOT, so be cheking for new posts.

Well, this post is about the video of the day, is a tutorial of like a dark going out look, I think this look is so pretty and really dramatic, so hope you enjoy!!! Please if you have a youtube channel leave it in the comments, and I would go and check it out the fastest that I can!!!

This video is by Tiffany, a really good beauty guru, with a lot of great tips, so definitly check her channel. (Links at the end of the post)

So here's the tutorial:

Links for more about Tiffany:

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Link to this video:

Bye, hope you enjoy, leave your request in the comments!!!

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