Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My OPI Glitter Nail Polishes • Nails

 Hi guys! Don't you like glitter? It's just one of the best inventions! My favorite way to wear it is on nails! So today I'm showing you a piece of my nail polish collection! After, I can show you guys my non OPI glitter nail polish collection! Let's start!

Random fact: this was my first nail polish ever!
 I got this nail polish a long time ago, but it's still one of my all time favorites! This is not a chunky glitter polish, it's really sheer so be sure to put a color under! I recommend using any type of blue tone or black nail polish! There’s a lot of depth to this polish, which makes it special! You can buy it here.

This polish! It has really chunky glitter, multicolor! Just like the name says! It's like a rainbow on your nails! You can buy it here.

Divine swine, definitely one of my favs! I have used it a LOT! I really like wearing it with OPI "Pamplona purple", I have a NOTD about it, so if you want to see it just click here. You can buy it here.

For me, this nail polish has become a tradition! Every time around christmas I put it on my nails! In my opinion this screams Christmas! I normally use this with a red polish underneath, but I'm sure it will still look good with nothing underneath. I have NOTD here. You can buy it here.

Teenage Dream is a baby pink glitter polish! It has a thick consistency, but surprisingly easy to apply! This looks gorgeous with a baby pink color underneath! I really like this nail polish! You can buy it here.

In the picture above you have swatches of every color! As you can see "Excuse Moi" and "Teenage Dream" are really opaque, so you really don't need to apply a color underneath! Every swatch is just on swept! 

Hope you guys enjoy this post!! What's you favorite glitter nail polish?

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