Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Need you help!!

Hi guys, I just wanted you guys to help me in some little stuff to make my blog better!!!

  1.  First I wanted to know guys if you are interested of doing like "the video of the day", that means that in all beauty gurus out there in www.youtube.com, I choose one a day to recommend everyone and post my favourite video that she has done, you could have the chance. So leave in the comments if you are a beauty guru and whats your "youtube name".  PD: I had this idea beacause I love whathing beauty and fashion videos on youtube so I wanted to recommend you some videos, so you could check them out!!
  2. The other idea that I had is creating a twitter of my blog and me were I can update you evrything that I'm doing or if a post is coming, etc..
  3. The other thing I wanted to know wich type of post you would like, please I really need to know!!

So that's it, please HELP ME, I really want to post more, and really a lot more, so for that please I need your help!!!


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