Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Video of the day!!! How to: Make feather earrings

Well as you know in a post that I said that I need your help, there was an idea of showing you videos from beauty gurus on youtube that I have saw, and that I think you should watch it too.

So you can be the next one to be recommended in one video, only leave in the comments the name of your channel and I quickly as possible I would go to watch your videos.

So let's go to the point, show you the video!!!

This video is from Bethany's Channel (Macbarbie07), as you know I love watching her videos, she is really honest and really a good person. This is a video she have done about how to do feather earrings. Feather earrings are really cute, they are really in the most used summer trends, so hope you enjoy!!!

So please if you try doing your own really feather earrings, I would love to see them. Sent me a mail to with the picture of your feather earrings, and remember, if you are a beauty guru in you tube leave the name of your channel so I could check it out!!! Please can someone make Bethany know about this post, I would be so happy, Thanks!!

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