Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Be a bombshell with Victoria's Secret!!! SET Nº2

Hi guys again, I am so happy beacause my post about a set "Be a bombshell with Victoria's Secret", had really good results. A lot of people check it out and also COMMENTED, I love that beacause I can hear from you guys that read my posts... So I was so inspired of doing another set and this is it:
Victoria's Secret - Be a Bombshell !!!
(This are only the prices of the clothes that are shown separetly)

Sequin Double-scoopneck Tank - Body Tees
$25 -

Distressed Denim Short
$40 -

Miraculous® Push-up Bra
$50 -

Crochet Mini-wedge Thong Sandal
$95 -
Hope you like it, this set shows a more elegant side, beacause the other one was more like a casual- beachy style.

Thanks for everyone that commented...


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