Thursday, June 30, 2011

Video of the day!! Long Lasting, Bronzed Summer Makeup

Hi guys, this is the video that I choose for the day. This video I choose it beacause like 2 days ago, I discover like one of my favourite beauty gurus, called Allison and her channel is MakeupByAlli and she is so sweet and have really good sense of humor, and I think she does her makeup but really well, and another thing I love about her videos is that she use products that are not only M.A.C or a really expensive brand, she use every type of brands.

Well the video that I loved was one bronzed summer makeup, so this is a really good video, beacause is really difficult to really have a long lasting makeup for summer. So here's the video, enjoy!!!

So hope you enjoy, and I would love that you leave your name channel and I would love to check it out!!!

More information about Allison:

The link to this video:
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