Monday, May 16, 2011

Another cute Give- Away!!

Hi evreyone, today I am inviting you to have a chance to win amazing prices. As I post in another of my post recommending you some giveaways, here I am again. Before starting this post, I have to say that I am really sorry for not posting lately, is beacause I have been so busy but I have really good ideas for future posts and talking more about me and not only about beauty and fashion.

So here I'm showing you the picture of this giveaway. This giveway is from Madiha's makeup blog, here's the link of her giveaway:

What she is giving away is:

*First winner will receive FOUR mac eyeshadow refill pans
ONE mac powder blush
ONE mac lipstick
(Everything will be of winners own choice)

*Second winner will receive a Sigma make me up kit
(Color of winners own choice)

* Third winner will get BH cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition.
Hope you enjoy this post, the prizes are really good, and congratulations to Madiha's for her giveaway of her 2000 followers.

Oh, and another thing is that I change the style of my blog, I worke a lot in it, a disclaimer is that I am not a professional creating this backrounds. Please leave in the comments if you like this backround!!


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