Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vintage Rings!!

Hi guys, today I am talking about RINGS, yes, rings. Well on friday I went shopping, and one of the stores I went was a vintage store. I bought a ring, and is the ring on the picture that is on my hand, over my leg (if the picture is a little bit dizzy is beacause I take it on the car). Then on the afternoon I had to go to a family dinner, and everyone got the eye on my ring. Everyone was asking me where I bought, how much cost me, etc.. And also the ring opens, but I don't want to put anything on the inside. Well but the point is that i wanted to talk about one of the most popular tipes of rings know, the "VINTAGE RINGS". Oh, and also I bought other stuffs, if you want me to do like a type of haul, and I could take pictures of the items I bought, so if you want a haul leave in the comments if you want or send me an email to

Now I'm showing you some rings that are on reasonable prices and not on online stores. Also I am showing how to wear them. So let's start, first how you can wear them:

Night Out and Casual

And here are some examples of some rings you can buy at your local mall or stores, at reasonable prices:
Pearlescent Shield Ring
Pearlescent Shield Ring
$7.80 $6.80 -
Antique flower ring
$5.90 -

Well that are some examples of rings that you can buy at your local forever 21 or love culture, and the good thing is that vintage ring can go with a cowboy outfit up to a 80's outfit, etc. So you don't need to wear especificly with a vintage outfit.

Well, hope it helps, I really work hard for this post and is my first post with a picture of one of my own things and not about stuff that I can look at google. Let me know in the comments if you want more post like this one and if you want a haul!!!

Byeee <3

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