Monday, May 2, 2011

I feel like in a dream, 2 new followers in 2 days!!! AMAZING

Well, I had say this more than 5 times but, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE THAT FOLLOWS ME. I can't belive in 2 days I have 2 followers, it's AMAZING.

I scream all over my house(that is big) so I go everywhere in my house and scream I have new followers. I don't realize when people start checking my blogs, well i check my stats every day, but I thought that the people who came everyday to my blog was me, so this is like I am dreaming.

I am really thanful for the 7 followers I have( I feel so proud of myself writing that I have 7 FOLLOWERS), so thanks guys, I really appreciate all of you.

Please leave requests in the comments and feel free to ask me things or if you have some issues I really want to help you so you can write me to:

BYEEE, and thanks...

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